Tuesday, December 30, 2014


HEY FAM! :) 
That was so fun seeing you all this last week! Definitely the best Christmas present!! 
Well this week, was awesome celebrating our Savior's birth.  The people here were so nice, and a lot of the members gave Hermana McKrola and I a bunch of nacatamales.  Super nice of them.  During the 24th we made some cookies and brownies from our fam who sent us some mixes in the church and took some to the members and some to our investigadors and less actives.  People loved them! We stuck in a picture of us in front of the Christmas tree too with the cookies, and people liked the picture more than the cookies.  The people here are so giving, and are such an example to me of charity.  We also sang songs with our ward Monday night at the park, and it actually turned out a lot better than I thought!  I was surprised though that most of the ward didn't know a lot of the Christmas hymns, so we sang about half of the ones I printed off of from the Hymn book. haha But people liked it, and we had a small crowd there in the park.  Mostly just of the other members from our ward or the other ward, haha but its all good, the ward liked the activity. 
We are teaching right now sweet N, who we found while searching for one of our contacts a couple months ago.  That actually happens a lot.  There aren't addresses here, so when we go search for our contacts, we actually end up finding someone else who is positive and we teach them instead.  But she is reading the Book of Mormon, and is pretty interested. The only problem is that her husband is against her going to church. He always leaves when we come to meet with her too. We are so sad. :( But we are still teaching her, and hoping and praying that we can meet him later.  This week we also did an activity with the other Bishop who´s wife passed away, and his family.  We played that "what if" game with them with the papers where you mix up the answers... in Spanish it is "que pasa si..." they loved it! :) They look like they are doing so much better, but I just feel for them. :( 
This week was also interesting, Hermana McKrola and I met with some families that Hermana Garcia and I had actually been meeting with awhile back, but had dropped because they were not progressing or said that they didnt want to change religions.  These families are both so great, and I know that this gospel would bless them so much.  I dont think that they will get baptized soon, but I hope that they will with time, see and feel that this church is the church of Christ, and come to know of all the blessings we recieve of the restored gospel.  

Things are good in La Paz!  Christmas was weird without you guys this year, and the fact that it was so hot outside too, but it was good!  I wouldnt rather be anywhere else.  And though before the misison I thought that things would all go a little smoother and everyone was going to want to hear about the gospel.   And though I feel many times throughout the day disappointed in others, myself, or weary sometimes, I feel so happy at the same time.  I know that this gospel is the only true church on the earth in my heart, and am grateful for my Savior who loves and lives.  

Miss you guys! Changes are on the 6th of Jan, and it will be super rare if I will stay, but we will see!!  I would not mind staying in La Paz!  I love this area! 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Tis the Season

Hey fam!

So I decided because it is just so crazy writing that I am going to try and use my time to just write and send pictures, and then I will just print out your emails and read them later.  :) Is everyone ready for Christmas? What are you all doing? :) Cant wait to see everyone this week!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!! :) We have a couple peeps from the ward who have invited us over to eat nacatamales. (big tamales) are the big thing here for Christmas.  They celebrate on the 24th here, and usually start at night on the 24th, and then the 25th everyone just sleeps. haha But I'm excited to try the nacatamales here. :) This week flew. 
Later tonight we are going to sing Christmas songs.. mostly just the Christmas hymns because no one could tell me any fun Christmas songs that they knew in Spanish. But we are going to go sing in the park with the ward, and investigators.  Hopefully it turns out okay! :) They put us in charge of it. haha
So this week, we had exchanges, and I headed to Cerro Grande, in Tegucigalpa. Wow the city is seriously a different mission.  But I liked it a lot better than I thought.  We took a bus to almost everywhere we went, and everywhere we walked was literally straight uphill.  I felt like I lost all the weight I've gained here. haha sadly no, but I felt like it.  I was on exchanges with Hermana Domingo from Guatemala, she is awesome, and I learned a lot of ways to use more analogies with people to teach so they can better understand.  It was a lot colder there in the city.  It is starting to warm up here though in La Paz, it has been pretty hot lately. 
Also this week, super sad, the bishop of the other ward in our building who we love!, his wife passed away this week of cancer. :( She had it for 4 years though, and she was really sick this last year. :( Their family is our favorite, and it was so sad.  We went and helped a little bit with the funeral the next day.  Funerals here are definitely different that is for sure.  We love the C family. I still need to get a picture with all of them and send one.
G was also baptized this week! whooo!! haha She was a contact that we found one day looking for E.  She has 3 little kids, and her husband lives in the States.  But the day was a little crazy.  Hna McKrola and I were worried she was not going to show up until a lot later, so we took a taxi over there after we filled up the font, to go get her and her family.  We helped her clean up the house and clothes and we got everyone in the taxi (all 7 of us) and made it to the baptism only 15 minutes late.  That was definitely a miracle. We are super happy for G :)
We are teaching her sister-in-law who lives with her who is 14, and her daughter who is 10 who we set a date for 3 of January to be baptized.
Hermana McKrola and I this week also gave talks in Sacrament meeting on Jesus Christ and His Atonement.  I focused in on how Christ came here not only to atone for our sins, but also to show us the way back to Him.  I love President Thomas S. Monson's talk Ponder The Path of Thy Feet.  It is so true, Christ was the perfect example for us, and was put in many situations that we likely still have today.  I ended with talking about the invitation He extended to us at the end of conference and how there really is no better time than now where we celebrate His birth, to follow up on the invitation to be a better person than we were when we went to conference.  I know that especially as we think about Christ and His example, we should this week try to walk more as He walked and look for ways to help and serve others.
My ward mission leader, oh hermano G, he heard Hna McKrola and I were giving talks, and he asked me if I could give a talk in Spanish. haha :) He said he could understand me after I gave my talk though...oh good ole hno G. :)
Still can't believe it is Christmas time here, things are good, and time is just flying.  I will end with this and start sending more pictures.  Hope everyone is well! I am super grateful to be here, even though sometimes the days feel long.  But I know that this gospel is such a blessing in my life, and there is a reason why I am here. :)
Thanks for the letters Jas, Kristine, Ben and Ella! super cute, and loved the quotes! I almost used some of them in my talk, but I knew it would take me too long to translate into Spanish. haha
See you guys this week!  WHOOO!
Hermana Nichols

Navidad Pictures

Felix Navidad de La Paz! 

Busy Week

Hey family!
Wow, what a crazy week this week!
I am writing a little bit late because we just got back from Tegucigalpa because I had to have the doctor clean out my ear.  He didn't even know what was in my ear, but yikes, I can hear SO much better now, and it doesn't hurt anymore! whoo.. super grateful.  Those cold showers are yikes well let's just say a big wakener in the morning, terrible. 
Love all the pictures! This week went super fast. Where do I start?  Well Monday we threw a big noche de hogar and invited our investigators and reciente conversos over to obispos house for a surprise bday party for the Elders since it is their birthday this month, that was fun! :) Unfortunately our investigators didn't end up coming, but we had the Elders' investigators there :) Also, I am just super grateful to be in La Paz, because Tegucigalpa is just a whole different side of Honduras, I wouldnt mind staying another change. :)
This week also was J's baptism!! Whoo!! He is super humble, and we are so happy for him! We were thinking we were going to have to change the date, but with permission from President, if they have gone to church 2 times they can get baptized if they pass their interview.  His baptism went well! He is in the other ward, because of where he lives, and the Elders told us that in their Ward Council they are going to work with J so he can get the priesthood as soon as possible and then be the new qurom de elderes president with the counselor being the Elders' new convert as well. haha :) The wards here are definitely struggling a little.
We also had our Mission Christmas party.  It was super nice! President Fortuna came out in the Santa suit at the end, we were dying, and Hermana Fortuna cooked this awesome meal for all of us!  We also watched Frozen haha but Hermana McKrola and I helped Hna Fortuna with prepping all the food instead. She is so cute.
Each zone did a talent together for the party.  Well it was only half the mission there, because they did 2 different groups.  But for our zone talent since Elder T is from New Zealand, well his ancestors are, he really grew up in Highland, but went to Cottonwood high school for football, we did the Haka for our talent., he doesnt know the Eldredges, I asked, but he said their name sounds familiar.  But we did the haka as a group and then sang Noche de Luz (silent night) haha I wish I could send the video, its pretty funny!  It was definitely the best one there.  Pres. loved it, and the missionaries too.
We are working with G right now for her baptism this next Saturday! :) Shoot, not much time left, but I go to close to Tegucigalpa for interchanges tomorrow! :) should be fun!
We also had our Ward Christmas party, and Hermana McKrola and I made 140 chocolate krispies for the dessert. People loved them! And we had Obispo go get the Santa suit from Pres. Fortuna to have Santa Claus come to the party.  The ward also loved that! One member said that was the first time St. Nicolaus came to their ward party.  aw.
And I wish I could send the video.  One elder dressed up in the suit, and comes dancing in with the candy, and the kids just MOB him! hahaha... I need to get the pictures from the other missionaries, it was classic.  One member said to me after that that was the reason St. Nicolas doesn't come to Honduras. haha :( oh man.
Little crazy pday today, but I miss you guys! love you all! See you soon!

Much love,
Hermana Nichols

Life in La Paz

Hello fam! Things are good here in La Paz :) 
The mission is setting new goals here and upping all the metas for like lessons taught each day, finding new people, and contacting. Whoa, but its good to get us working harder.  This week was Stake Conference, and it was packed!  Unfortunately though G, and J both couldn't come.  Sunday mornings are always long and crazy.  J said that he was going to come to church, and he usually does, but a half hour before the bus was supposed to come to get us all to go to Comayagua for conference he still wasn't there, and we were really wishing he had a phone or we had walkie talkies with him. haha So we decided to take a taxi quick becuase he lives far, and bring him!  When we got to his house, he was washing his clothes because he said he didn't have any clean clothes to go to church, and literally all his shirts were wet.  We tried everything to get him to come with us.  We even called the elders to find him a shirt to bring from the members, etc, but in the end he didn't want to come because he was dirty, and would feel bad going like that.  I was so bummed, because this means we are going to have to push his bapstismal date to the 20th of Dec. ;( Mostly I just was sad that we didn't verify with him before to get all his clothes ready before etc, just because it is something we dont normally think about. Also G, oh man, she has a new job where she works at this wine factory every day because they have to pay off thousands of Limps for her house in Yarumela so they dont lose it.  Her baptismal date is for the 20th also.  Yikes, sometimes I tell Hermana McKrola, oh man is this how our parents feel with us...? stressed? haha but its all good :) 
Things are good here, and I want to help our investigators so bad, because we love them.  We also said goodbye to E this week. :( He left to go live with his uncle in Comayagua.  We were so sad to say goodbye, but we sat with him at Stake Conference! He had bought new pants and shoes too! aw E, we talked with the new misisonaries who will be in his new ward.. though we didn't get our investigators there to Conf, it was AWESOME to sit with E. :) 
Thanks for all the packages! I didn't open some of the ones that were wrapped for Christmas mom and dad. :) I did break open the ones from Kristine and Karen though... haha thanks so much for the gifts and treats! very much apreciated! The members here love chocolate from the states, so we will be sharing some of it with them who help us out! :) haha 

Thanks for all you guys do! 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols 

G and one of her kids J. :) she's so cute.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hola Buenas! :) 
This week felt a little bit longer than others, but nonetheless great! I read your emails later this week, and they were awesome! Thanks for all the support and sweet quotes. Mom, I used some of your quotes in our District meeting about trials in my spiritual thought :) I saw the elders marking the scripture in DyC 58 that I shared from you. :) Also last Monday after we wrote we celebrated our Zone Leader's bday at the church.  We totally played the candy bar game, well... with things that I bought from the Pulperias, but threw in like 2 snickers that were a hit! haha they were loving the game... we played with a coin I had from Guatemala. haha But I have a sweet video... 
This week, we visited where J works.  He gave us a tour inside of the buliding they are constructing, we loved it.  He came to church agian this week, and is progressing towards his date on the 13th for baptism!  Even though we teach him in his mom's house every time, he lives in the other ward, so we went with him to the other ward last Sunday, because he will be in that ward even though we are teaching him.  It all worked out.  We also went to present the Elders to J last night, and went to go look for his house for the first time.  Wow, sometimes I forget where we are.  This part where he lives is different than the other areas we are normally in.  His house is literally made out of cement and clay, and the roof of different tin materials.  Oh man, It is literally camping for them. But that is why J and the people there are so humble.
We also had Thanksgiving with Bishop and the district last Thursday.  He broke out the martinellis he brought from America, that was a good treat! haha and Hermana McKrola and I made these paper hand turkeys to write with them the things we were all grateful for. It was a big hit! 
We also went with E this week to teach some lessons.  It was awesome to have him teaching people how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together, and how Jose Smith is a prophet of God, and how he was like the old apostles in the Bilble, so people could relate to who Joseph Smith is, and realize we don't  worship him.  People are confused about that.  E was great in the lessons! 
Also this week was the Primary program, pretty short, and we could hear the music louder than the kids were singing, but they were so cute! 
Also, later, somehow the sisters always get roped into watching the Primary for the activites at the church, and the last hour, Hermana McKrola and I were in charge of entertaining the Primary.  They were SO full of energy, and there were so many of them!  Sillas musicales, Simon dice, y duck duck goose, that we had to call (uno, uno, dos) because we didnt know how to say duck duck goose in Spanish, can only last so long... I'm forwarding a picture that Hermana McKrola snapped of me trying to quiet down the kids.  
Things are good here in La Paz! Can't believe that I have almost 5 months here in La Paz.  Definitely know there is more we can be doing to strengthen the ward, and bring others unto Christ.
Also, we teach a LOT about authority here.  Church is really just part of the culture here, and everyone has their religion.. mostly Catholic.  But in a lesson we taught with this family, we taught about prophets, and he said at first how he didn't believe in prophets.... Later though we started talking about the apostasy, and he said he had a hard time believing that if God loved us, why would he leave us without His authority for so long on the earth?  It was acutally a really good question, but we talked about the pattern of apostasies in past times, and how when people reject His gospel, He takes away the authority.  Our member that we were with, kinda went off in a different direction, but Hermana McKrola was going to say that really its not His fault, it was theirs, that they rejected our Savior, and that is why he took it away.  But do you guys have any good ideas or talks about authority or dispensacions, or apostasy because we teach on that a lot, or at least try to. We left a Book of Mormon with them in the morning, because we didn't have one with us that night, but we definitely hope they will let us back in.  People here just feel like they are content because they have their religion, and think that as long as you have God in your life, you will be okay, its not important what religion.  Oh man, its so frustrating, though, and we know what lesson they need.  Now we just have to find the balance of using the Spirit in teaching Lesson 1 about prophets, authority, apostasy.  

But I'm grateful for this opprotunity I have to serve Him fulltime, and for all of the knowledge I have gained here and am grateful for all of you and your support! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! 

Hermana Nichols 

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Golden Birthday

IBuenos Dias familia! Oh man, where do I begin? Well this week definitely flew! This week was the first time on the mission I have gotten super sick... unfortunately it was Wednesday nightand part of Thursday to start off the big 20. After Noche de Hermanamiento that we have here every Wednesday at the church, which is like their mutual but it is for all the ward, they had made arroz con leche.  It was super good! and Hermana McKrola and I were loving it... we were even saying afterwards oh we totally have to get that recipe to make it later... Let's just say we will not be eating arroz con leche for a LONG time. Later that night Hermana McKrola's stomache started hurting really bad, and we went to bed. At about like 2 am, I was down for the count too. That could've been worse.  But oh man, we were dying.  It might have been the milk in the arroz con leche, or we are not really sure, but it was definitely a rough night/next day.  But I loved reading my cards from mom and Dad, super cute! And I started feeling better in the morning but Hermana McKrola started feeling better later in the afternoon after we tried about 8 different remedies with her.. Literally, we were trying like all the random remedies the missionaries were telling us. At like 3 pm we definitely were telling each other, we will not be making that recipe of arroz con leche. haha 
But we felt better aroud 330 and left to go get some lessons in! Later that night, my district was nice and surprised me with a cake and small fiesta in the house of one of their investgators with some of the members.  haha It was nice.  The tradition here is also to smash eggs on their head for their birthdays, and I am not a fan of that tradtion.  They definitely got me TOO well I think.  My comp has the picutre of afterwards, but it was just gross, and bad. haha 
But nice of them to plan that for my birthday! 
The golden was a good one!  (editorial note* years ago, we heard about the golden birthday being the birthday which is the same as the number of the day you were born, a Latin American tradition?)
The ferria (fair) here is still going on, and there have been lots of people here visiting from different parts of Honduras.  We have gotten some good videos of the fireworks.  I'm sending a picuture of the mariachi band that wanted us to say a prayer with them. haha  We definitely didn't want to turn that down. 
This Sunday,  J  came to church!!! We had been teaching him since Hna McKrola came, but stopped for awhile because even though he wanted to be baptized, he didn't come to chruch after we talked about coming and the importance of the Sabbath Day.  But we started teaching with him again.  We would go find him in his house before chruch, but he lives far away, and we were confused about where exactly he lives. We teach him in his mom's house who is menos activa because he goes there for dinner after work every night.  Hna McKrola is on it though, and we were thinking how does he know what time it is ever? He doesn't have a phone or a watch.  So we thought maybe that is part of the problem.  Saturday night before they all left for the ferria, I gave him my watch to know when to leave for church.  It looked good on him! haha and I was happy I had a watch that was't too girly. :) But as we're sitting in sacrament meeting, and it was starting, with one of our other investigators and her daughter, in walked Jose Bonilla with his white shirt and tie! My heart dropped, and we were so happy.  
I wish there was more time to write, but Im doing good, and learning what Hermana McKrola and I can do better every week to leave this ward better that we found it. 

Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving! :) 

also the family picture....hahahah! Good work Kev on the photo shop... who did the multi color?? whoa.. haha 

thanks everyone for the bday emails for me! 

love you all,
Hermana Nichols 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bautismo de E

Hey family! Wow love to hear all the updates :) 
Well this week Hermana McKrola and I had our fist baptism together! whooo! E just looked so happy after his baptism and confirmation; we are so happy for him.  Even though he didn´t have to make too many changes in his life in preparing for baptism, the little changes totally count and make a difference.  He had read like all of the book of 1 Nephi in the fist week we had started teaching him.  I still can't beliieve that he was one of my first contacts here in La Paz with Hermana Garcia, and had come to church sporatically through the months because we invited him with his nephews, but never was interested in us teaching him.  But our district did a fast a couple weeks ago, and after that, he was more open in listening to us!  Hna McKrola and I have big testimonies of fasting and the blessings we have seen because of it.  We are trying to fast every week, just because we know that the big blessings we see in our investigators are all because of when we fast.  Elio is looking for a job, so he might move to Comayagua.
We made programs also for the baptism, and people were loving them! haha  there's a lot of things I am super grateful for now.  Also, I learned that we should probably practice singing songs in Spanish before we actually get up and perform them for the ward. haha We had like 25 people at our baptism, it was great!  I had our district of us 6 missionaries sing "Yo Trato de Ser Como Cristo." (I'm trying to be like Jesus) and well let's just say, there are extra notes in there because there are more words in the Spanish version. We should've practiced, because it was not the greatest. haha but I think it livened up the baptism a little more, especially when O V said we should be in the Motab choir after we sat down from singing. haha It probably wasn't good either when Hermano G who was directing turned the time over to us by saying "we will now hear from the misisonaries who have prepared a song for us..." and the Elders asked me what song are we singing? haha Baptism days are just crazy though!! 
Super happy to see the members came though.  And Elio gave his testimony afterwards that was so sincere and great! He is so smart and said that he KNOWS this is true from studying and listening in our lessons how the Bible and the Book of Mormon match up.  Baptism day always makes the kinda rougher days worth it! 
hey I love you guys! printing off your emails and reading them after! love you all! 
Hermana Nichols 

Here is our friend R who likes to share her corn with us! :)

Getting ready for the holidays! Feliz Navidad! 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey fam!! :) 
Winter in La Paz... it gets cold at night when we sleep, but other than that, I forget its winter and we´re in the month of November! SHOUT out, happy birthday Kristine, and Dad! Whoo....... nice! 
This week was definitely eventful. I will try to attach  pictures after. :) 
Well this week we had interchanges.  I stayed in my area with Hermana Corleto.  She is one of my favorite sisters here, and is from El Salvador like Hermana Garcia too.  The Salvadorenas are great! :) 

E, who is our investigator who has a baptismal date on the 15 of Decemberis progressing well still! yay! He is so dedicated, he came to church this Sunday even though he was so sick this week with a bad cold.  We couldn't get ahold of him the last couple days becuase his cell phone turned off, and we normally teach him in houses of the members because of the rules of his apartment complex, we cant go in. So when he didn't answer his cell phone, Hermana McKrola and I one afternoon were seaching for his apartment for a couple hours where he told us where it was.  We didn't find the apartment, but did end up finding other people and contacting others along the way. haha But nonetheless E still came to church this Sunday, and we didn't even have to drag him there, like sometimes it feels with other people.

I have also decided this week, I will never have a dog:)  Yikes they can be scary here on the streets.  But thankfully we are protected here, and can feel that protection on the streets sometimes.  We were bummed on Sunday morning when we went to get this family and some of their neighbors who said they would come to church with us, and when we arrived, they said they couldn't come for one reason or another.  :( However, we did on our way walking to the church see some lions on their way to the zoo in Comayagua in the gas station. haha so we had to take a picture.  

I wish I had more time to write, but I want to send some more pictures.  I am definitely learning so much everyday.  Things about the gospel, and literally how this church is the ONLY true chruch on the earth.  I am learning that through obedience and that using your time wisely and effieciently can bring more blessings.  Learning everyday is the key.  

I miss you all so much!  La Paz is good! Hey if you guys have any good ideas for Christmas crafts we could do here, we would love to do something or make something nice for the members for Christmas.  Hermana McKrola and I want to find some way to make the cookie turkeys for Thanksgiving for people here even though they don't celebrate it here. haha We might have to be creative. 

I hope Dad and Kristine have the Best birthdays this week! Thinking of you guys! 

Much love from Honduras,
Hermana Nichols 

One of the investigators of the elders had us over, and she taught us how to make this awesome fish and tajadas.  Its their fried bananas, which is pretty much their french fries here. Yum! 

Here are the lions in the gas station :) haha 
Tried to make cookies from the cookie mix with the mix you sent mom! thanks! used a members oven... super rare here to have ovens! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Weather

Buenos Dias! :) Well winter in La Paz is a little colder than I thought! It gets pretty chilly at night, but all in all I think it is the perfect temperature here. I love it! Also loved all the pictures! Glad to hear and see everyone had a good Halloween.  Here the Bishop had a fiesta at his house for the ward for kind of a Halloween party, because they don't really celebrate here.  But we were told we couldn't stay because there was going to be music and dancing. haha It looked pretty fun, but we just dropped off our investigator who was loving it, and helped the bishop's wife put out the food. haha So Hermana McKrola and I put a baptismal date with one of our investigators this week! E has come to church mulitiple times, but never was interested in us teaching him.  But this week, when we asked him again, he said he wanted to listen to us.  Whoo hoo! We were so happy and nauturally because he has mutlitple times that he has attended church, we put a goal for baptism for 15 of November! So far, so good.  I also love the month of November here.  All of November here they call the ferria.  Its like a big fair and circus stuff all of November in the parks.  Naturally great for contacting!  And the spirit here on the streets is happy, with families on the streets, and the weather is great.  Now its just time to find a family to teach!  Also thanks so much for the packages Mom and Kristine! LOVED the food!!! oh man... I was going to wait until my birthday, but I just couldn't... but thanks so much! My comp and I loved the treats.  And the skirts and shirt mom and dad, thanks so much!

So we are finding more and more that the people here are all Catolica, Evangelica or any other religion you name it.  We are beginning to find other ways to talk to them about the importance of authority in a church, and trying to use the Bible more and more so they will begin to find interest in what we have to say first.  More and more we have people hiding from us. haha oh man.  This week as we approached we had taught a family the night before who is pretty Catholic, but super nice when we taught them, when we started walking to their house the next day to see them, the mom and her older daughter were outside the house with the little baby grandchild.  Well I have never seen anyone run so fast.  We weren't that far in front of them when they litterally grabbed the kid, and her chair and ran into the house and shut the door.  haha oh man Hermana McKrola and I couldn't hold back a few laughs.  Anyways we ended up talking to the Father who came to the door afterwards with the Elders who had come with us to talk to this family, and he had some questions about our church and wanted to come back with answers in the Bible.  
We also had this week a special zone conference with Presidente Fortuna, and he talked about the importance of planning.  I love the quote that everone says: Las metas reflejan los deseos de nuestros corazones. 
Our goals reflect the desires of our hearts.  
I love this, and know that when we better plan daily and weekly not only here on the mission but in our daily lives, we can better accomplish the things in life that are important.  
I also love some of the quotes of President Holland that we watched. 
Salvation is not a cheap experience, and we have to pay the price at some point. We walk where he walked, and shed the tears that he shed if we are to say we are his disciples.  We have to be prepared for some of the journey along the borders of Calvary if we decide to follow Him, 

I know that mission is such a special experience, because never in my life have I felt closer to some of the things I know our Savior felt in His ministry. I am grateful to be here everyday, and we are trying to so hard to find the chosen ones who are ready to accept this gospel.  

Love and miss you all! thanks so much for all the talks, can't wait to read them!

Hermana Nichols 

Monday, October 27, 2014

After the trial of our faith, then come the blessings.

Hey fam!!! Oh man, always I'm short on time, because I just love reading everyone's emails and pictures! So glad to hear everyone is doing well, and mom and dad had a good time in Brussels.  This week, well both of our baptismal dates fell through because both of our investigators still need to attend to church to progress. :( so sad, but it is okay, sometimes we have to leave investigators who aren't progressing because it is not their time.  Hna McKrola and I put in a ton more lessons with members and contacts this week! It was awesome to see that, but still are lacking investigators that are progressing.  We are working right now with what they call the Simi.  Its a list of all the members in our ward.  We are breaking it up into neighborhoods here in our area.  So then we can contact all of the inactives and less actives and hopefully activate people while also baptizing their family members.  We are also trying to get more of the ward involved in working with us visiting our list.  Its a genius idea.   The 2 other elders here in the other ward are geniuses, and we have been trying to work in a more efficient way lately rather than just working crazy.  But in all, its been a good week with Hna McKrola and our district here! Our friend here who helps teach with us a lot opened his mission call to Mexico this week, and it made me remember when I opened mine.  And also remember we are called to a specific place for a reason: to find those people that we were called to find specifically!  Not much to report new this week.  I miss you all! I wanted to send you a video of me chopping one of the member's grass with this machete because everyone here uses a machete for almost everthing... haha instead of using a lawn mower, they cut the grass with machetes.  The video is pretty funny... I only did it for a little while, and then passed off the job to the elders haha. 
miss you all! 

Hermana Nichols 

PS  I want to start a new thing, and every personal study for a little bit switch it up, and study a talk in English.  One elder gave us the idea, and I really like it.  So if you guys could send me your favorite talk from conference next week, I would love that! or any talk you really like from the Gen. Authorities! 

loved the talks from Jas and Kristine last week, and would love to read the rest of those talks

Meet My New Companion

Hey family! aw I miss you all, and love hearing the updates always!! Well what a week... Where to start?! My new companion (my hija) :) se llama Hermana McKrola.  She is from Colorado and is almost 6 ft. tall! haha she is super cute.  We both went to a year of BYU before coming out here, and we both played bball in high school.  She is super athletic, and we have a lot in common.  Oh man, all of my companions have been awesome!
But also this week has been harder than most because we are in a slump of teaching people.  Our investigators that Hermana Garcia and I have put baptism dates with have all fallen through because everyone is worried about jobs here and work a lot, and can't come to church.  Working on those inspiration questions because I know its more about that, but we have taught a lot of only one lessons with people instead of with people who are progressing.  I feel bad, becuase poor Hermana McKrola has come into the mission with no investigators that are progressing right now. :( A lot of changes in our district...  all of the missionaries left for others areas besides me and an other elder.  And they closed one area of sisters in my district.  So Hna McKrola and I are the only sisters in our district. haha but its normal.  Its also crunch time right now for zona flores!!!! Presidente Fortuna talked with our leaders and said that he has to close one zone, and since our zone hasn't had much progress lately after this cambio if there's not more progress,  will have to close our ZONE! yikes.. we are working so hard right now! This means that after our 6 weeks change, if there's not much progress we will all be reassigned to different areas.  Not the end of the world, but keep zone Flores in your prayers that we can find more people and further the work here! Hoping and planning to finish my training with Hermana McKrola here in La Paz in January!! This week we made plans with the leaders of Relief Society, Primary, and YW to help us contact! We are trying to find different ways to find and teach more people! Also, this week still having trouble with our water situation.. haha Juan Chavez is my new best friend via telphone... he is our owner of the apartment, and super grateful he can understand my broken Spanish. haha but everything is fixed now! whoo hoo! I am so grateful for the Lord. This week Ether 12:27 really has come true in my life.  Because Hna McKrola is from the states too, its time for my Spanish skills to pick up. haha but I know the Lord is helping me so much.  I can understand so much better right now! Not everything.. but just enought to know what to say to communicate with people, and this is something that I am so grateful for right now.  Sometimes I doubt myself in being able to do everything that I want to do to fullfill my calling to the fullest, but althought I have been humbled this week, I know the Lord strenthens our weaknesses just enough for us.  He knows us, and He knows what we are capable of.  We just need to put all our trust in Him.We arent perfect, and He knows that.  I know that when we humble ourselves like it says in this scriptures, recognize our weaknesses, and like the Father of President Hinckley said, Forget ourselves and go to work, is when we can accomplish all that He expects of us.  
I miss you all! and am grateful for all I am learning here. 

Love you! 
Hermana Nichols 

this is our genealogy line.. haha she trained the hermana in front.. and then she trained the hermana after.. haha

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey fam!! Hope everyone is doing well! I decided this time to write my weekly email first before reading emails.  Things are going well here in La Paz!  I am super sad to say goodbye to my companion Hermana Garcia on Wednesday. :( She has taught me so much, and mostly just through her example.  I'm so lucky I got her as my trainer!  Im a little nervous because Presidente Fortuna called me last week and I will be training a new missionary on Wednesday!! whooo... I'm super excited, and nervous! I know this is a big responsibility, and I'm really grateful for the trust of Presdiente and the Lord.  But I'm also nervous because I can't understand completely everything that people say.  I can understand the majority, but oh man I've learned that little details really matter!!! Hermana Garcia has explained so many things for me later that people said in our conversation, and I'm shocked, because I didn't hear that part! haha oh man, Im definitely a little worried, but have so much faith and trust in the Lord that He will help me.  I'm not sure who I will be training, but I'm pretty sure it will be a Latina, so at least someone can speak to the people.  There are 7 of us training sisters.  And 5 of us just finished our training and are the sisters that came with me from the CCM.  Aw, I always love seeing the sisters and elders that came with me from the CCM!  This week was a little sad because pretty much all 4 of our investigators that we put baptismal dates with fell through, because they need to go to church 3 times in a month's period before they can be baptized, and none of them will come to church. :(  We are working with one family right now, that we love, but the wife grew up Catholic and she said she knows that this church is true, and knows that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, but since it is a big change to change churches, she said she needs more time because everyone in her church knows her, and she is hesitant to be baptized.  Her husband is ready, and says he wants to be baptized but with his wife. 
Super grateful for the members of the ward who help us out!  I know that you all are helping out the missionaries in your ward, and I know they appreciate you soooo much, because that is how I feel with the members that help us out or feed us! haha 
This weekend I'm super grateful for a shower... I dont even mind the cold water anymore! Unfortunately, our vault of water is empty, and long story short, we have a small pila filled with water still to use, but haha I'm living the ultimate camping trip right now. hahaa But the Lord is helping us out, because this weekend one of the members who has a laundry machine said we could use her machine each week! whooo hoo! aww so happy!!! 

Thanks mom for the package with the skirt and shirts, and hichews!! :) and your letter! I miss you all, and love to hear the updates! if you have any good comments or favorite parts of conference let me know, I would love to read more in English about it.  Grateful to be serving here in La Paz, and since I will be training I will be here until January... but its normal to be in your first area for 6 months I hear? anyways, things are good here!  Working hard, and learning a lot every day. You are in my prayers! 

Hermana Nichols 

Friends from the CCM also becoming trainers.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Training Coming to a Close

Wow, hard to believe time is flying by! And I hope you all had an awesome conference weekend! Unfortunately haha I couldn't understand most of it... I was trying super hard, but it was hot, and the translator was speaking pretty fast. haha But from my companion's notes later, and when she explained her favorite parts after, wow, there were some great talks! and how cool that some of the talks were in different languages this time.  I thought my Spanish was coming along well, until conference came along. haha But it's all good, working on the language! Oh man, I was super bummed that our investigators couldnt make it to conference at all.  Because of what I could understand, it was perfect for them.  But they weren't home when we tried to get them at their houses, or when we did arrive after walking 20 minutes to their house, had excuses of why they couldn't come.  Super sad, but we did bring one of the brothers of our investigators with us to the afternoon session of conference. haha We went to get our investigators... a family we are working with, and while we were waiting for them to come to the door, the brother of the investgator family was walking up to us...the sister answered the door, and said that her sister and brother-in-law weren't home... but she was like winking at her brother who was standing next to us. haha anyways we invited them to come along to conference with us, and the brother who is about 24 ended up coming with us! haha He liked conference, and knew a lot of the members already.... but lives in the area of the other sisters in the other ward.  But hopefully they contact him soon.  Other than that, not much new... Cambios they say here, Transfers are in a week and a half.. and its almost for sure Hermana Garcia will leave and I will be here... kind of nervous for Hna Garcia to leave! But I feel like I'm beginning to learn the ropes around here.  Miss you all! Oh Kristine I got your bday cards!! thank you Ben, and Ella also! haha loved the pictures, and I took a pic with the cards, and will send it next week! Miss you all!  Super grateful to be here, and my testimony grows everyday that this gospel is of the one true church that Christ established here on earth for us through Joseph Smith.  
Also, thanks grandpa for the letter and spiritual thoughts! I loved them! 
Love you all, 
Hermana Nichols 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey fam! Thanks for all the updates! Glad to hear everyone is doing well! :) This week, nothing much new, we finally got E's confirmation completed... oh man, long story about that. haha  My first baptism is a good story. But this week we worked really hard in trying to share the importance of coming to church. Our investigators can't progress without making it to church and this is a big barrier right now.  The people here work on Sundays, becuase its either work on Sunday or no food for the day.  Ah man, I feel so bad, and these circumstances, I don't really know what to say or how to help, but we try to talk about the blessings of when we go to church and keep the Sabbath day holy.  I did use President Gibson's talk in the Liahona of January about the Sabbath day in our lessons... thank you Pres. Gibson!  I like the quote where he says,  "the manner in which we keep the Sabbath day holy is an outward indicator of how we keep our convenants with God" or something along those lines... I definitely felt that I can apply this teaching to my own life too.  But this week I learned that we can't change other people's agency.  Even though I want to so bad, I know that its our job here to only teach and inform our investigators of the gospel and the blessings we can recieve, and then they have to choose.  Today we had an activity with half of the sisters in the mission and Hermana Fortuna, aw she is so great! I love Pres and Sis Fortuna so much.   I can feel their love for us! They are so cute!  President Fortuna talked a little bit about the law of consecration... and what I could understand.. haha I like his quote, "The law of consecration in our lives isnt not keeping anything, but simply giving everything to the Lord." I truly feel humbled here, and know there are things that I can work on better everyday! 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey fam!!  Hope you all are doing well! I miss you guys! I feel like its getting even hotter here, and it rains normally every day.. 
But things are good here! Not much new this week... Our recent converts are doing well! M and D just seem so much happier, and are continuing to progress! Just need to work on getting the priesthood with them, and working more with the members here.  Its hard trying work the social part of the mission in working with our investigators and members in broken Spanish, haha but I'm learning.  Also funny story about M´s baptism last week, I forgot to mention he was "dunked" baptized 6 times.  I have learned now the importance of practicing with your investigatros the dunk approach as I call it before being baptized.  Oh man, haha M didnt get the concept of bending your knees, and would go like halfway, but wouldnt make it to the water before he stood up... By the 4th time, every man at the bapstism, bishop, our ward mission leader was demonstrating in front of the font what to do, and demonstrating how to bend your kneees.. I will never forget our ward mission leader demonstrating baptizing one of our members in front of the font.... haha Hermana G and I were dying, while everyone was yelling "M, dobla sus rodillas!" haha which means bend your knees! aww poor M, haha afterwards he said the floor was slippery and that's why he couldn't... but he's doing well! and bought his new wardrobe for chuch on his own! aww We have high hopes for M! and D found a white shirt for church too, but its too big so we are working on getting it taken in. :)  This week I have learned more about the importance of our missionary purpose¨Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance and His Atonement, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." This is the purpose for all of us, because without these 4 principles in our lives we cannot be truly forgiven of our sins and be ready to live with Heavenly Father again... for members after baptism instead of baptism and Holy Ghost again, its partaking of the sacrament each week.  This plan is laid out simply for each of us and is all demonstrated in the Book of Mormon that even a child can understand what we need to do to return to our Father in Heaven, one apostle said in Preach my Gospel. I am so grateful for His gospel, and we are working right now with our new investigators in coming to church! oh man, time is short. Hope everyone is doing well!  I miss you! but am grateful to be here! 

Hermana Nichols 

Oh PS  I forgot to tell Elder Beck I knew Pres Gibson... :(

Monday, September 15, 2014

Quince de Septiembre

Hey fam! Keeping it short to send more photos, but today is Quince de Septiembre! whooo.. its Central America´s 4th of July pretty much.. We are lucky to find a place that is open for us to write, because besides this place everywhere else is closed... lots of parades in the streets.. i love it! went to the temple this week! Love the Tegucigalpa temple! so beautiful!!! Also had a baptism this week!! Marlon Munoz is 14 years old, and is the best investigator. He had already been going to church because he had friends in the church, but we found out he wasnt baptized, and starting teaching him a month ago. He lives with his grandma, cousins, and uncle and aunt.. pretty typical here that people live with extended family more than primary family.. and they are Anti-Mormon, and dont like it when he goes to chruch... but he is so great! Marlon has a bright future ahead of him, and i'm so happy for him!!! 
Miss you all! 
Hermana Nichols

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hola de Honduras

Hola Fam!!!  Oh man,  what week.... So we had a meeting with the President and all the new missionaries and our trainers.  I'll just say how grateful I am for my trainer! We are both 19, and both like pretty much the same things. Our only problem is the language barrier.  Oh also, I met Hermana Judd from Lancaster Stake, and also saw my friend from high school last week at zone conference Elder Hafen! It was cool to see a familiar face!  He look tanner and skinnier than last I saw him.  This gives me hope. haha except for the fact that the missionaries here like to joke, and well I think they were joking when they said Im going to go home looking like Queen Latifa. Brown and big. haha I thought it was kind of funny, but  yikes. 
This week my companion and I shed a few tears together.  We had another baptism this week! Unfortunately, when my comp and I went to go get our investigator on Sunday for his confirmation he said he didnt want to go, for various reasons I didnt understand, oh man, I was so frustrated! But I am definitely learning patience here.  After about 45 minutes trying to talk with him, we had to leave.  We have had 2 baptisms and 0 confirmations. Our other investigator wasnt at his house when we went to get him for his confirmation either... oh man, Sunday was a sad day, but I know Im only feeling just a small part of what Christ felt.  Rejected and let down.  Still, I'm grateful for this opporotunity to serve here, and know we just need to pray harder for the people here, and teach with more love and boldness.  It's all we can do.  Grateful for all your prayers! I can definitely feel them. Wish I could write more.  But my Hermana Garcia and I are doing well, except for feeling a little down, but we are good. 
We see little miracles of God each week! Im beginning to understand people better.. so Im grateful for that! miss you all! 
Love you! 
Hermana Nichols

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hermana Nichols in Honduras

Hey fam!! Im doing well! Adjusting to the new life... haha but I am really beginning to love the people here. They are all so nice! which is what I love about them all... Contacted family on the street for the first time! whooo.. and sure enough the husband spoke really good english! haha I was loving it... I was so thrown off, that I stared introducing ourselves as missionaries in english first and half way through in spanish... haha anyways we got their number and hopefully will be teaching them soon! whoo... thanks so much for all the emails! I miss you guys! Also thanks mom for making me bring the pb and the cookie mix... definitely super happy about that one! introduced my comp to the world of cookie mixes.. she loves it. haha we unfortunately dont have an oven... but we do have a microwave and a mug! yeahh yeah... haha still so yummy! love it! Theres no other place I would rather be! Here are some pictures of my district! and in front of our apartment.

love you all much! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Week in Honduras

hola familia!!  i'm almost out of time, and I havent written anything! yikes.. but whoa.. there's a ton going on at home and with so many friends and fam!  I've made it to Houduras! And it's a different world out here! Also sorry this is all incorrect grammar but now I have to figure out how to use this computer... My companion Hermana Garcia is from El Salvador and is such a sweetheart! She is so patient with me! Love the mission, but sometimes its difficult when no on can understand me, and I feel like I'm speaking Spanish! But it's all good, I know it will come eventually, and I know I just need to continue working hard.  The people here are all so nice, and humble. I'm in a little town called La Paz in a ward called San Juan. Its such a cute town! And I feel totally safe.  So pretty much out here I feel like it's a combination of being on trek and girls camp. haha... We do have a shower in our apartment however!! yay... but its only cold water... haha so im learning to take even faster showers that at the CCM... oh man the CCM so spoiled us there... i miss the good food!  Our apartment is a lot nicer than the other houses here, so Im super grateful.  It's crazy, the difference in how people live.  Most people we have taught have dirt floors and usually the houses have like 2 rooms...  Ah I want to send pictures, but will have to do that next week, because I'm almost out of time... But yes! I saw Hermana Beard, and gave her the pb. haha she is super cute and we got a picture together, I will send it next week! So my favorite fashion statements right now are my backpack, and my keens! haha and i cant get enough of that benedryl ointment and off spray.. I think the spiders love my legs... ouch.  We have to wash our dishes and clothes in the pila which is a huge sink outside... but at least we have a shower... the elders here don't have one! For Pday we were able to hike this huge mountain here with our district, super awesome!  The food here is different... haha there is this cheese that is super salty and kinda reminds me of sour cream.. oh man I fear the cheese! But it's all good... I pray I get used to it... my comp is an angel, and eats some of it for me. Its different here, when the members feed the missionaries, only the missionaries eat, and the members dont eat with them... so Im able to sneak some of my cheese onto my comps plate... My comp and I have taught a lot of lessons, and I just wish I could speak Spanish! The people can't understand me, and I cant understand them. But I know the Lord is helping me, and I see Him helping me everyday. AH out of time.

I love you guys!! miss you lots

Hemana Nichols

pictures next week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Week in Guatemala

HOLA!!!! :) So let's see where to start... this week has flown!! I leave for Honduras in a week from yesterday! Not sure exactly what time we leave for the airport. So stoked!!!
So I am excited to finally get out  there, but also sad to leave the CCM. I love my teachers here and my district. I miss our old teachers but I have learned SO much in the last week from our new teachers.  It's crazy how much I feel my companions and I have improved on our teaching this last week! The more I learn how to teach the gospel, the more I learn ABOUT the gospel. It's awesome. I really learned this week the principle Teach PEOPLE, not Lessons.  They really stress on asking inspired questions to your investigator so you can find out what their problem is in life, and what is the need.  THEN decide what lesson and gospel principle the investigator needs to hear to bless their lives.  It has taken this long to finally accomplish this in spanish! haha :) and I know I still have a long ways to go!
My teachers told us to study the way Jesus taught. He never gave the answer to people  but made them fishers of men essentially, and helped guide and show them how to find their own answers. He taught in parables and symbollically to help them better apply these important principles in our lives better. So this is something I'm striving to become.
Also, funny story! Mom and Dad do you remember Elder Walton... (stan's nephew) well I remember his mission is where the guatamala CCM is, and I randomly saw him this week! haha we were outside waiting for the new missionaries to arrive and I saw him and his companion outside the gate!! I havent seen  him in like over a year! But I yelled his name and said hi, I tried to go over and talk to him, but the guard wouldnt let me, and I don't know what they were here for because they didn't come inside the gate.
Oh also last pday the reason my time was so short was becasue we went to the big Market in Guatemala! So cool, to get out of the CCM bubble and experience the streets! It made me want to get out to Honduras soooo bad!!
Also, I gave my first talk in Spanish in Sacrament meeting last Sunday! :) It was on Fe en Jesucristo. (Faith in Christ). Hopefully people understood me. lol
Thanks, for all the letters and pics everyone! I totally appreciate them, and is my favorite part of pday... this is my last one here, and hopefully I get to write to you all next week in Honduras!
My teacher gave us a great analogy about how there a many armies that save the lives of their citizens, but we are an army saving souls! how important this work is, because unlike our mortal body, our souls will never die!

Take care this week! :)
Love you,
Hermana Nichols

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Half Way at the CCM

Hola familia!! ahh not much time today, only half hour because we are going to the Big market for pday! So this week, I got tired of my long hair, and had a sister missionary cut off a couple inches!! well its like a long bob... haha i will send pics in 2 weeks! 
 Also we felt a little bit of the earthquake last night that hit border of Mexico and Guatemala... I felt the bed shaking at like 5 am but thought I was just dreaming... haha there's been like 2 really little ones here! Also super sad, we said goodbye to one of the Elders in my District last night. He went home because he started having anxiety attacks really bad here, and they just started when he got here.  He was such a good missionary, and was speaking really good Spanish. 
Loved hearing about everyone's 4th of July! loved all the pics!! :) We got hamburgers and a 4th of July cake too!! so good! It was like the cake we normally make with the blueberries and strawberries! :) I was missing home eating it.. haha  Our teachers here are great, and also pretty funny.  We've had a couple subs lately, and our last teacher told us he learned his english from MTV and BET tv. haha as opposed to our normal teacher who learned her english from listening to the BOM on tape in english :)
Mom, the hydrangeas here are bloomming!! everytime I see them I think of you! they are beautiful and my comps always say everytime they see
them from now on they will think of me and my mom because I always comment on them when we got outside! Well im out of time... but I love
the new scripture 1 Cor. 2:19. gotta go! love you all!!!