Monday, October 27, 2014

After the trial of our faith, then come the blessings.

Hey fam!!! Oh man, always I'm short on time, because I just love reading everyone's emails and pictures! So glad to hear everyone is doing well, and mom and dad had a good time in Brussels.  This week, well both of our baptismal dates fell through because both of our investigators still need to attend to church to progress. :( so sad, but it is okay, sometimes we have to leave investigators who aren't progressing because it is not their time.  Hna McKrola and I put in a ton more lessons with members and contacts this week! It was awesome to see that, but still are lacking investigators that are progressing.  We are working right now with what they call the Simi.  Its a list of all the members in our ward.  We are breaking it up into neighborhoods here in our area.  So then we can contact all of the inactives and less actives and hopefully activate people while also baptizing their family members.  We are also trying to get more of the ward involved in working with us visiting our list.  Its a genius idea.   The 2 other elders here in the other ward are geniuses, and we have been trying to work in a more efficient way lately rather than just working crazy.  But in all, its been a good week with Hna McKrola and our district here! Our friend here who helps teach with us a lot opened his mission call to Mexico this week, and it made me remember when I opened mine.  And also remember we are called to a specific place for a reason: to find those people that we were called to find specifically!  Not much to report new this week.  I miss you all! I wanted to send you a video of me chopping one of the member's grass with this machete because everyone here uses a machete for almost everthing... haha instead of using a lawn mower, they cut the grass with machetes.  The video is pretty funny... I only did it for a little while, and then passed off the job to the elders haha. 
miss you all! 

Hermana Nichols 

PS  I want to start a new thing, and every personal study for a little bit switch it up, and study a talk in English.  One elder gave us the idea, and I really like it.  So if you guys could send me your favorite talk from conference next week, I would love that! or any talk you really like from the Gen. Authorities! 

loved the talks from Jas and Kristine last week, and would love to read the rest of those talks

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