Monday, October 6, 2014

Training Coming to a Close

Wow, hard to believe time is flying by! And I hope you all had an awesome conference weekend! Unfortunately haha I couldn't understand most of it... I was trying super hard, but it was hot, and the translator was speaking pretty fast. haha But from my companion's notes later, and when she explained her favorite parts after, wow, there were some great talks! and how cool that some of the talks were in different languages this time.  I thought my Spanish was coming along well, until conference came along. haha But it's all good, working on the language! Oh man, I was super bummed that our investigators couldnt make it to conference at all.  Because of what I could understand, it was perfect for them.  But they weren't home when we tried to get them at their houses, or when we did arrive after walking 20 minutes to their house, had excuses of why they couldn't come.  Super sad, but we did bring one of the brothers of our investigators with us to the afternoon session of conference. haha We went to get our investigators... a family we are working with, and while we were waiting for them to come to the door, the brother of the investgator family was walking up to us...the sister answered the door, and said that her sister and brother-in-law weren't home... but she was like winking at her brother who was standing next to us. haha anyways we invited them to come along to conference with us, and the brother who is about 24 ended up coming with us! haha He liked conference, and knew a lot of the members already.... but lives in the area of the other sisters in the other ward.  But hopefully they contact him soon.  Other than that, not much new... Cambios they say here, Transfers are in a week and a half.. and its almost for sure Hermana Garcia will leave and I will be here... kind of nervous for Hna Garcia to leave! But I feel like I'm beginning to learn the ropes around here.  Miss you all! Oh Kristine I got your bday cards!! thank you Ben, and Ella also! haha loved the pictures, and I took a pic with the cards, and will send it next week! Miss you all!  Super grateful to be here, and my testimony grows everyday that this gospel is of the one true church that Christ established here on earth for us through Joseph Smith.  
Also, thanks grandpa for the letter and spiritual thoughts! I loved them! 
Love you all, 
Hermana Nichols 

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