Monday, September 21, 2015

Small and Simple Things

HI! Happy Labor Day weekend right? well last week.. :) We don't get that holiday here ... haha 
But well updates :) We have changes tomorrow... BUT hoping SO hoping that Hermana V and I don't have changes and that we can BOTH stay in the area another change and help the people here that we have. 

Sundays have changed from being my most dreaded days to my most favorite days here in the mission, because our investigators actually show up to church on their own! It is awesome. 
There is a new family we found a couple weeks ago that CAME this Sunday. :) I think they liked it. I will attach the pics :) I told them that we needed to get a picture of their first Sunday.
Here they celebrate Dia de Ninos they call it, its to celebrate the children.  The primary had an activity Saturday, so we invited all our investigators kids and got permission to go and help out to be there with their kids.  It was hilarious! I will attach pics too of the activity! The kids of the new family A, LOVED it :) and we gave the parents a tour of the chapel too.  

I know that blessings and answers to the prayer of our fast last week are being answered.  The F family is growing so much more spiritually and we can see the change in them.  We still have some things to work on, but they are progressing so well.  L told us this week in the lesson that he has been so touched by us, and told us he will always remember us and the help we have given them with his family.  I know that this gospel heals us, and can help us heal families. 
We also fasted that the A  family would be able to come to church and FEEL that they have found the truth.  I know that they felt the spirit there and in the classes.  Our Bishop teaches our gospel priniciples class and it IS so awesome, I am taking notes :) 

Also S, the gaurd totally came again to church this week surprisingly again! :) He told us last week that if he liked it, he would come again.  There he was again this week!  And then the members convinced him to stay another hour, even though he really did need to go back to his work... haha whoops. :) We now have to find when we can teach him! 

We prayed that this week we would be able to find new investigators and a new family, too.  Heavenly Father has helped us in small and simple ways.  We have been teaching a less active lady and her son, and this week we found her husband and her other son!  On Friday, we had a couple apts. fall through and then even though we hadn't planned to go with this lady or her son, we felt like maybe we should go see them.  Even though she works during the day, we thought maybe we would find the son.  As we walked to their house, we contacted a lady the street over and saw a blue car pull up in front of the house of the less active we are teaching (L).  It was totally her husband! After we knocked on the door and talked with the husband and got to teach with the younger son.  L's husband told us that he normally isn't home, and is only home this hour for his hour break in between teaching because he is a teacher.  Super awesome we finally got to meet him.  We only got to teach with the son and the worker there, but we got to know him and talked about coming back another night with the whole family. :) 

Also, super happy because we saw the hermana we found last Monday while getting my haircut, again before writing here in Loarque.  And the RS pres there in Loarque that I called had visited her and later that week got her hair done there too. haha :) But M this hermana told us she didn't go to church! :( We were super sad, but it was becuase she slept in.  But she now does have a pass to go.  We talked with her a little bit more, and she comitted to going to this next Sunday.  She seems pretty awesome, and I wish I was still here in Loarque to teach her haha but we will have the RS Pres here in Loarque go visit her again. :) 

Love you lots, finding out about changes later today. :) Keep you updated next week! 

Love you!
Hermana Nichols