Monday, May 25, 2015

Loarque Updates

Hey, not much new this week.  We got to go to the temple Tuesday, so that
was so awesome! We had zone conference this week, and I saw Hermana G  and
Hermana M this week, so that was some of the highlights! :)

Our new ward is pretty sweet, and we are already working and planning with
the members! :)

Monday, May 18, 2015


Well I have arrived in the city!   SO sad :( to say goodbye to all in Talanga and Hermana G :(  My new companion Hermana Q is from Quetzeltenango, Guatemala.  It has been a little different trying to get used to everything new again, but she is so great, too.  It has been a little hard, because everyone here keeps asking where Hermana H went, and their investigators have been sad that she left.  But it is all good, little by little I hope to gain their trust.  In the city it is a little different.  The people here don't as much invite us in as they did in little pueblo Talanga, or stop and chat with us for awhile. haha This week we had a couple conferences with Elder Duncan, from the Quorum of the 70s  and President of CentroAmerica area.  It was awesome.  In one of the conferences with the misisonaries and the organizations presidents he talked a lot about how we can all work together better.  He talked about how we are all in the work of salvation for our brothers and sisters.  He promised the members there that if they got more involved there in the work of salvation, the Lord would help solve their own problems in the home.  It was a great meeting.  
Then, on Sunday our Stake Conference was awesome! One of our investigators, F came with us and after met Elder Duncan and Presidente Fortuna.  He always has a bunch of questions, but the spirit was SO strong in this meeting, and they talked about how to listen to the spirit, which was exactly what F needed to hear.  We talked about prophets in our last lesson, and even though we told him that the answer to how to know if Joseph  Smith was a true prophet is to pray and recieve his answer.  Right now he wants to know if Thomas Monson is a true prophet, and how we can know.  So I would love  to hear your thoughts and testimonies on how you all know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. 
This week we have found some awesome people to teach!  After one of the conferences all of us missionaries were eating in a restaurant when a lady walked by and told us about a program she had been watching and heard about different names that weren't in her Bible.  She wanted to study this book, but didn't know why her bible didn't have these names.  Super cool, because she was totally talking about the Book of Mormon, and she lives in our area! Whoo hoo!  We are pretty sure she was watching BYUtv, which I didn't know was here in Honduras, and we gave her a Book of Mormon.  She couldn't come to church this Sunday, but I'm super excited to see how it goes with E. 
Well I forgot my camera cord to charge it in Talanga :( but I'm working on getting it back.  But here are some pics from Hermana Quemes camera. :) 
Miss you all! 
Hermana Nichols

Leaving Talanga

Well, so tomorrow I will be heading to Tegucigalpa with all my suitcases. :( Not sure where yet where I will be, but I find out tomorrow! :) 

Super fun to talk to you all Saturday! Loved it! Mom I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day yesterday! :) and I hope Rach, Kristine and Kare you all had a great day yesterday as well! :) 

So nothing too much new this last week, we found some new people to teach this week! And super sad this week B told us that he didnt want to get baptized, because he wants to to stay in the church of his brother.. :( Noo.... But Presidente talked about this,
this week how sometimes people just aren't ready, and we can't change that.  He said that you don't want to pick a mango that isn't ripe yet... and how also we can't put the mango back once we have picked it.  So Hermana G and I remembered that with Hermano B and didn't want to push him too hard so that maybe one day later when he has a desire to know if our church is true, he will be ready to make that change. :( 

Keep E in your prayers.  I'm sad that I won't be here to see if she will continue to progress.  She is working a lot and lives far, so I hope with her schedule Hermana G and her new comp will be able to keep teaching her, but she has had some cool experiences.  She knows that our church is true, she needs the strength to make the changes in her life to be baptized.  It will be hard because her husband isn't interested, but we know that she needs to be valiant in her answer that she has already recieved.  She told us this week, too that she had seen the Tegucigalpa temple before when we showed her the picture of it.  She had dreamed of it before.  So we are just trying to work with her to act on her answer. :) 

Forgot my cord today to send pictures!!! :( NOoo... next week I will have lots needless to say! 

I miss you all! And I am so grateful for this gospel! I know that the most important thing in this life is to live the principles of the gospel.  I can see it here, and realize it more and more in the lives of people I see.  That is what really brings us lasting happiness.  I love you all, and am so grateful for my family. 

Hermana Nichols

Monday, May 4, 2015


Hello FAM! 
Well yikes, there is literally an epedemic here in Honduras of Chikungunya, they say.  It is from the mosquitos here, and I guess your bones hurt in your fingers and your feet, and you get a really high fever.  Well Hermana G got it this week, :( and a couple other missionaries in our zone and in the mission.  Pretty much all of the members have it or are recovering from it too.  It isn't contagious, but I'm just using a bunch of OFF all the time :) haha Well we weren't supposed to leave for 3 days so her body could recover :( but she felt a little better after the first day, so we left to work.  But the nurse was not happy when she called us to verify, haha so we had to stay in the house Sunday after church so she could rest her body fully. :) But I was able to leave with some of the members or the other sisters to do some divisions to visit some of our investiagators. 

Also this week I said goodbye to Hermana C. :( Her mom is super sick, and her family talked with Presidente Fortuna, so she left a week earlier than when this change ends to be with her mom. :( Super sad, and we will keep Eunice in our prayers :( But luckily I got to say goodbye at our last leaders meeting :( 

There have been a TON of rainstorms in the night here.  So there's been lots of nights without light, and we found out that we have holes in our roof, so we have woken up to a couple waterfalls coming down on Hermana G's bed... haha :) But 

We are still working with Hermano B.  He says he likes our religion, and likes going to church, but everytime we try to talk about putting a baptismal date with him, he always says he is not ready.  So we are still working with him.  He wasn't home Sunday to go to church, but we are praying that he will feel ready in these next weeks to be baptized.  We are working hard to find new people right now to teach.  Our mission has a goal to baptized 319 before (Presidente Fortuna leaves ) in the month of May. So we are working hard and praying hard for the Lord to help us here :) 

In our meeting with Presidente Fortuna he talked about how we can be better leaders, and applied it to the story of Captain Moroni in Alma 43-53. 
We talked about the attributes he had. He was grateful to serve, he took the responsibility to ACT, he had faith and confidence in the Lord, y looked for the necessities of the people, and acted.  He had a good plan and VISION, he helped strengthen their weaknesses and turned them into their strengths.  These are some of the qualities I am trying to develop right now.  :) 

I miss you all! ANd HAPPY MOTHERS day mom!! Can't wait to talk! I do not doubt that you knew it :) and am so grateful for all you have done and taught me mom! I use a lot of the scriptures and spritual thoughts you sent in lessons and share in our District meeting and with my comps :) Love you lots! 

LOVE YOU all! 
Hermana Nichols

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