Monday, May 4, 2015


Hello FAM! 
Well yikes, there is literally an epedemic here in Honduras of Chikungunya, they say.  It is from the mosquitos here, and I guess your bones hurt in your fingers and your feet, and you get a really high fever.  Well Hermana G got it this week, :( and a couple other missionaries in our zone and in the mission.  Pretty much all of the members have it or are recovering from it too.  It isn't contagious, but I'm just using a bunch of OFF all the time :) haha Well we weren't supposed to leave for 3 days so her body could recover :( but she felt a little better after the first day, so we left to work.  But the nurse was not happy when she called us to verify, haha so we had to stay in the house Sunday after church so she could rest her body fully. :) But I was able to leave with some of the members or the other sisters to do some divisions to visit some of our investiagators. 

Also this week I said goodbye to Hermana C. :( Her mom is super sick, and her family talked with Presidente Fortuna, so she left a week earlier than when this change ends to be with her mom. :( Super sad, and we will keep Eunice in our prayers :( But luckily I got to say goodbye at our last leaders meeting :( 

There have been a TON of rainstorms in the night here.  So there's been lots of nights without light, and we found out that we have holes in our roof, so we have woken up to a couple waterfalls coming down on Hermana G's bed... haha :) But 

We are still working with Hermano B.  He says he likes our religion, and likes going to church, but everytime we try to talk about putting a baptismal date with him, he always says he is not ready.  So we are still working with him.  He wasn't home Sunday to go to church, but we are praying that he will feel ready in these next weeks to be baptized.  We are working hard to find new people right now to teach.  Our mission has a goal to baptized 319 before (Presidente Fortuna leaves ) in the month of May. So we are working hard and praying hard for the Lord to help us here :) 

In our meeting with Presidente Fortuna he talked about how we can be better leaders, and applied it to the story of Captain Moroni in Alma 43-53. 
We talked about the attributes he had. He was grateful to serve, he took the responsibility to ACT, he had faith and confidence in the Lord, y looked for the necessities of the people, and acted.  He had a good plan and VISION, he helped strengthen their weaknesses and turned them into their strengths.  These are some of the qualities I am trying to develop right now.  :) 

I miss you all! ANd HAPPY MOTHERS day mom!! Can't wait to talk! I do not doubt that you knew it :) and am so grateful for all you have done and taught me mom! I use a lot of the scriptures and spritual thoughts you sent in lessons and share in our District meeting and with my comps :) Love you lots! 

LOVE YOU all! 
Hermana Nichols

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