Monday, May 18, 2015


Well I have arrived in the city!   SO sad :( to say goodbye to all in Talanga and Hermana G :(  My new companion Hermana Q is from Quetzeltenango, Guatemala.  It has been a little different trying to get used to everything new again, but she is so great, too.  It has been a little hard, because everyone here keeps asking where Hermana H went, and their investigators have been sad that she left.  But it is all good, little by little I hope to gain their trust.  In the city it is a little different.  The people here don't as much invite us in as they did in little pueblo Talanga, or stop and chat with us for awhile. haha This week we had a couple conferences with Elder Duncan, from the Quorum of the 70s  and President of CentroAmerica area.  It was awesome.  In one of the conferences with the misisonaries and the organizations presidents he talked a lot about how we can all work together better.  He talked about how we are all in the work of salvation for our brothers and sisters.  He promised the members there that if they got more involved there in the work of salvation, the Lord would help solve their own problems in the home.  It was a great meeting.  
Then, on Sunday our Stake Conference was awesome! One of our investigators, F came with us and after met Elder Duncan and Presidente Fortuna.  He always has a bunch of questions, but the spirit was SO strong in this meeting, and they talked about how to listen to the spirit, which was exactly what F needed to hear.  We talked about prophets in our last lesson, and even though we told him that the answer to how to know if Joseph  Smith was a true prophet is to pray and recieve his answer.  Right now he wants to know if Thomas Monson is a true prophet, and how we can know.  So I would love  to hear your thoughts and testimonies on how you all know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. 
This week we have found some awesome people to teach!  After one of the conferences all of us missionaries were eating in a restaurant when a lady walked by and told us about a program she had been watching and heard about different names that weren't in her Bible.  She wanted to study this book, but didn't know why her bible didn't have these names.  Super cool, because she was totally talking about the Book of Mormon, and she lives in our area! Whoo hoo!  We are pretty sure she was watching BYUtv, which I didn't know was here in Honduras, and we gave her a Book of Mormon.  She couldn't come to church this Sunday, but I'm super excited to see how it goes with E. 
Well I forgot my camera cord to charge it in Talanga :( but I'm working on getting it back.  But here are some pics from Hermana Quemes camera. :) 
Miss you all! 
Hermana Nichols

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