Monday, May 18, 2015

Leaving Talanga

Well, so tomorrow I will be heading to Tegucigalpa with all my suitcases. :( Not sure where yet where I will be, but I find out tomorrow! :) 

Super fun to talk to you all Saturday! Loved it! Mom I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day yesterday! :) and I hope Rach, Kristine and Kare you all had a great day yesterday as well! :) 

So nothing too much new this last week, we found some new people to teach this week! And super sad this week B told us that he didnt want to get baptized, because he wants to to stay in the church of his brother.. :( Noo.... But Presidente talked about this,
this week how sometimes people just aren't ready, and we can't change that.  He said that you don't want to pick a mango that isn't ripe yet... and how also we can't put the mango back once we have picked it.  So Hermana G and I remembered that with Hermano B and didn't want to push him too hard so that maybe one day later when he has a desire to know if our church is true, he will be ready to make that change. :( 

Keep E in your prayers.  I'm sad that I won't be here to see if she will continue to progress.  She is working a lot and lives far, so I hope with her schedule Hermana G and her new comp will be able to keep teaching her, but she has had some cool experiences.  She knows that our church is true, she needs the strength to make the changes in her life to be baptized.  It will be hard because her husband isn't interested, but we know that she needs to be valiant in her answer that she has already recieved.  She told us this week, too that she had seen the Tegucigalpa temple before when we showed her the picture of it.  She had dreamed of it before.  So we are just trying to work with her to act on her answer. :) 

Forgot my cord today to send pictures!!! :( NOoo... next week I will have lots needless to say! 

I miss you all! And I am so grateful for this gospel! I know that the most important thing in this life is to live the principles of the gospel.  I can see it here, and realize it more and more in the lives of people I see.  That is what really brings us lasting happiness.  I love you all, and am so grateful for my family. 

Hermana Nichols

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