Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey fam!! Hope everyone is doing well! I decided this time to write my weekly email first before reading emails.  Things are going well here in La Paz!  I am super sad to say goodbye to my companion Hermana Garcia on Wednesday. :( She has taught me so much, and mostly just through her example.  I'm so lucky I got her as my trainer!  Im a little nervous because Presidente Fortuna called me last week and I will be training a new missionary on Wednesday!! whooo... I'm super excited, and nervous! I know this is a big responsibility, and I'm really grateful for the trust of Presdiente and the Lord.  But I'm also nervous because I can't understand completely everything that people say.  I can understand the majority, but oh man I've learned that little details really matter!!! Hermana Garcia has explained so many things for me later that people said in our conversation, and I'm shocked, because I didn't hear that part! haha oh man, Im definitely a little worried, but have so much faith and trust in the Lord that He will help me.  I'm not sure who I will be training, but I'm pretty sure it will be a Latina, so at least someone can speak to the people.  There are 7 of us training sisters.  And 5 of us just finished our training and are the sisters that came with me from the CCM.  Aw, I always love seeing the sisters and elders that came with me from the CCM!  This week was a little sad because pretty much all 4 of our investigators that we put baptismal dates with fell through, because they need to go to church 3 times in a month's period before they can be baptized, and none of them will come to church. :(  We are working with one family right now, that we love, but the wife grew up Catholic and she said she knows that this church is true, and knows that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, but since it is a big change to change churches, she said she needs more time because everyone in her church knows her, and she is hesitant to be baptized.  Her husband is ready, and says he wants to be baptized but with his wife. 
Super grateful for the members of the ward who help us out!  I know that you all are helping out the missionaries in your ward, and I know they appreciate you soooo much, because that is how I feel with the members that help us out or feed us! haha 
This weekend I'm super grateful for a shower... I dont even mind the cold water anymore! Unfortunately, our vault of water is empty, and long story short, we have a small pila filled with water still to use, but haha I'm living the ultimate camping trip right now. hahaa But the Lord is helping us out, because this weekend one of the members who has a laundry machine said we could use her machine each week! whooo hoo! aww so happy!!! 

Thanks mom for the package with the skirt and shirts, and hichews!! :) and your letter! I miss you all, and love to hear the updates! if you have any good comments or favorite parts of conference let me know, I would love to read more in English about it.  Grateful to be serving here in La Paz, and since I will be training I will be here until January... but its normal to be in your first area for 6 months I hear? anyways, things are good here!  Working hard, and learning a lot every day. You are in my prayers! 

Hermana Nichols 

Friends from the CCM also becoming trainers.

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