Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Weather

Buenos Dias! :) Well winter in La Paz is a little colder than I thought! It gets pretty chilly at night, but all in all I think it is the perfect temperature here. I love it! Also loved all the pictures! Glad to hear and see everyone had a good Halloween.  Here the Bishop had a fiesta at his house for the ward for kind of a Halloween party, because they don't really celebrate here.  But we were told we couldn't stay because there was going to be music and dancing. haha It looked pretty fun, but we just dropped off our investigator who was loving it, and helped the bishop's wife put out the food. haha So Hermana McKrola and I put a baptismal date with one of our investigators this week! E has come to church mulitiple times, but never was interested in us teaching him.  But this week, when we asked him again, he said he wanted to listen to us.  Whoo hoo! We were so happy and nauturally because he has mutlitple times that he has attended church, we put a goal for baptism for 15 of November! So far, so good.  I also love the month of November here.  All of November here they call the ferria.  Its like a big fair and circus stuff all of November in the parks.  Naturally great for contacting!  And the spirit here on the streets is happy, with families on the streets, and the weather is great.  Now its just time to find a family to teach!  Also thanks so much for the packages Mom and Kristine! LOVED the food!!! oh man... I was going to wait until my birthday, but I just couldn't... but thanks so much! My comp and I loved the treats.  And the skirts and shirt mom and dad, thanks so much!

So we are finding more and more that the people here are all Catolica, Evangelica or any other religion you name it.  We are beginning to find other ways to talk to them about the importance of authority in a church, and trying to use the Bible more and more so they will begin to find interest in what we have to say first.  More and more we have people hiding from us. haha oh man.  This week as we approached we had taught a family the night before who is pretty Catholic, but super nice when we taught them, when we started walking to their house the next day to see them, the mom and her older daughter were outside the house with the little baby grandchild.  Well I have never seen anyone run so fast.  We weren't that far in front of them when they litterally grabbed the kid, and her chair and ran into the house and shut the door.  haha oh man Hermana McKrola and I couldn't hold back a few laughs.  Anyways we ended up talking to the Father who came to the door afterwards with the Elders who had come with us to talk to this family, and he had some questions about our church and wanted to come back with answers in the Bible.  
We also had this week a special zone conference with Presidente Fortuna, and he talked about the importance of planning.  I love the quote that everone says: Las metas reflejan los deseos de nuestros corazones. 
Our goals reflect the desires of our hearts.  
I love this, and know that when we better plan daily and weekly not only here on the mission but in our daily lives, we can better accomplish the things in life that are important.  
I also love some of the quotes of President Holland that we watched. 
Salvation is not a cheap experience, and we have to pay the price at some point. We walk where he walked, and shed the tears that he shed if we are to say we are his disciples.  We have to be prepared for some of the journey along the borders of Calvary if we decide to follow Him, 

I know that mission is such a special experience, because never in my life have I felt closer to some of the things I know our Savior felt in His ministry. I am grateful to be here everyday, and we are trying to so hard to find the chosen ones who are ready to accept this gospel.  

Love and miss you all! thanks so much for all the talks, can't wait to read them!

Hermana Nichols 

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