Monday, November 24, 2014

The Golden Birthday

IBuenos Dias familia! Oh man, where do I begin? Well this week definitely flew! This week was the first time on the mission I have gotten super sick... unfortunately it was Wednesday nightand part of Thursday to start off the big 20. After Noche de Hermanamiento that we have here every Wednesday at the church, which is like their mutual but it is for all the ward, they had made arroz con leche.  It was super good! and Hermana McKrola and I were loving it... we were even saying afterwards oh we totally have to get that recipe to make it later... Let's just say we will not be eating arroz con leche for a LONG time. Later that night Hermana McKrola's stomache started hurting really bad, and we went to bed. At about like 2 am, I was down for the count too. That could've been worse.  But oh man, we were dying.  It might have been the milk in the arroz con leche, or we are not really sure, but it was definitely a rough night/next day.  But I loved reading my cards from mom and Dad, super cute! And I started feeling better in the morning but Hermana McKrola started feeling better later in the afternoon after we tried about 8 different remedies with her.. Literally, we were trying like all the random remedies the missionaries were telling us. At like 3 pm we definitely were telling each other, we will not be making that recipe of arroz con leche. haha 
But we felt better aroud 330 and left to go get some lessons in! Later that night, my district was nice and surprised me with a cake and small fiesta in the house of one of their investgators with some of the members.  haha It was nice.  The tradition here is also to smash eggs on their head for their birthdays, and I am not a fan of that tradtion.  They definitely got me TOO well I think.  My comp has the picutre of afterwards, but it was just gross, and bad. haha 
But nice of them to plan that for my birthday! 
The golden was a good one!  (editorial note* years ago, we heard about the golden birthday being the birthday which is the same as the number of the day you were born, a Latin American tradition?)
The ferria (fair) here is still going on, and there have been lots of people here visiting from different parts of Honduras.  We have gotten some good videos of the fireworks.  I'm sending a picuture of the mariachi band that wanted us to say a prayer with them. haha  We definitely didn't want to turn that down. 
This Sunday,  J  came to church!!! We had been teaching him since Hna McKrola came, but stopped for awhile because even though he wanted to be baptized, he didn't come to chruch after we talked about coming and the importance of the Sabbath Day.  But we started teaching with him again.  We would go find him in his house before chruch, but he lives far away, and we were confused about where exactly he lives. We teach him in his mom's house who is menos activa because he goes there for dinner after work every night.  Hna McKrola is on it though, and we were thinking how does he know what time it is ever? He doesn't have a phone or a watch.  So we thought maybe that is part of the problem.  Saturday night before they all left for the ferria, I gave him my watch to know when to leave for church.  It looked good on him! haha and I was happy I had a watch that was't too girly. :) But as we're sitting in sacrament meeting, and it was starting, with one of our other investigators and her daughter, in walked Jose Bonilla with his white shirt and tie! My heart dropped, and we were so happy.  
I wish there was more time to write, but Im doing good, and learning what Hermana McKrola and I can do better every week to leave this ward better that we found it. 

Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving! :) 

also the family picture....hahahah! Good work Kev on the photo shop... who did the multi color?? whoa.. haha 

thanks everyone for the bday emails for me! 

love you all,
Hermana Nichols 

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