Monday, November 17, 2014

Bautismo de E

Hey family! Wow love to hear all the updates :) 
Well this week Hermana McKrola and I had our fist baptism together! whooo! E just looked so happy after his baptism and confirmation; we are so happy for him.  Even though he didn´t have to make too many changes in his life in preparing for baptism, the little changes totally count and make a difference.  He had read like all of the book of 1 Nephi in the fist week we had started teaching him.  I still can't beliieve that he was one of my first contacts here in La Paz with Hermana Garcia, and had come to church sporatically through the months because we invited him with his nephews, but never was interested in us teaching him.  But our district did a fast a couple weeks ago, and after that, he was more open in listening to us!  Hna McKrola and I have big testimonies of fasting and the blessings we have seen because of it.  We are trying to fast every week, just because we know that the big blessings we see in our investigators are all because of when we fast.  Elio is looking for a job, so he might move to Comayagua.
We made programs also for the baptism, and people were loving them! haha  there's a lot of things I am super grateful for now.  Also, I learned that we should probably practice singing songs in Spanish before we actually get up and perform them for the ward. haha We had like 25 people at our baptism, it was great!  I had our district of us 6 missionaries sing "Yo Trato de Ser Como Cristo." (I'm trying to be like Jesus) and well let's just say, there are extra notes in there because there are more words in the Spanish version. We should've practiced, because it was not the greatest. haha but I think it livened up the baptism a little more, especially when O V said we should be in the Motab choir after we sat down from singing. haha It probably wasn't good either when Hermano G who was directing turned the time over to us by saying "we will now hear from the misisonaries who have prepared a song for us..." and the Elders asked me what song are we singing? haha Baptism days are just crazy though!! 
Super happy to see the members came though.  And Elio gave his testimony afterwards that was so sincere and great! He is so smart and said that he KNOWS this is true from studying and listening in our lessons how the Bible and the Book of Mormon match up.  Baptism day always makes the kinda rougher days worth it! 
hey I love you guys! printing off your emails and reading them after! love you all! 
Hermana Nichols 

Here is our friend R who likes to share her corn with us! :)

Getting ready for the holidays! Feliz Navidad! 

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