Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey fam!! :) 
Winter in La Paz... it gets cold at night when we sleep, but other than that, I forget its winter and we´re in the month of November! SHOUT out, happy birthday Kristine, and Dad! Whoo....... nice! 
This week was definitely eventful. I will try to attach  pictures after. :) 
Well this week we had interchanges.  I stayed in my area with Hermana Corleto.  She is one of my favorite sisters here, and is from El Salvador like Hermana Garcia too.  The Salvadorenas are great! :) 

E, who is our investigator who has a baptismal date on the 15 of Decemberis progressing well still! yay! He is so dedicated, he came to church this Sunday even though he was so sick this week with a bad cold.  We couldn't get ahold of him the last couple days becuase his cell phone turned off, and we normally teach him in houses of the members because of the rules of his apartment complex, we cant go in. So when he didn't answer his cell phone, Hermana McKrola and I one afternoon were seaching for his apartment for a couple hours where he told us where it was.  We didn't find the apartment, but did end up finding other people and contacting others along the way. haha But nonetheless E still came to church this Sunday, and we didn't even have to drag him there, like sometimes it feels with other people.

I have also decided this week, I will never have a dog:)  Yikes they can be scary here on the streets.  But thankfully we are protected here, and can feel that protection on the streets sometimes.  We were bummed on Sunday morning when we went to get this family and some of their neighbors who said they would come to church with us, and when we arrived, they said they couldn't come for one reason or another.  :( However, we did on our way walking to the church see some lions on their way to the zoo in Comayagua in the gas station. haha so we had to take a picture.  

I wish I had more time to write, but I want to send some more pictures.  I am definitely learning so much everyday.  Things about the gospel, and literally how this church is the ONLY true chruch on the earth.  I am learning that through obedience and that using your time wisely and effieciently can bring more blessings.  Learning everyday is the key.  

I miss you all so much!  La Paz is good! Hey if you guys have any good ideas for Christmas crafts we could do here, we would love to do something or make something nice for the members for Christmas.  Hermana McKrola and I want to find some way to make the cookie turkeys for Thanksgiving for people here even though they don't celebrate it here. haha We might have to be creative. 

I hope Dad and Kristine have the Best birthdays this week! Thinking of you guys! 

Much love from Honduras,
Hermana Nichols 

One of the investigators of the elders had us over, and she taught us how to make this awesome fish and tajadas.  Its their fried bananas, which is pretty much their french fries here. Yum! 

Here are the lions in the gas station :) haha 
Tried to make cookies from the cookie mix with the mix you sent mom! thanks! used a members oven... super rare here to have ovens! 

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