Monday, December 22, 2014

Tis the Season

Hey fam!

So I decided because it is just so crazy writing that I am going to try and use my time to just write and send pictures, and then I will just print out your emails and read them later.  :) Is everyone ready for Christmas? What are you all doing? :) Cant wait to see everyone this week!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!! :) We have a couple peeps from the ward who have invited us over to eat nacatamales. (big tamales) are the big thing here for Christmas.  They celebrate on the 24th here, and usually start at night on the 24th, and then the 25th everyone just sleeps. haha But I'm excited to try the nacatamales here. :) This week flew. 
Later tonight we are going to sing Christmas songs.. mostly just the Christmas hymns because no one could tell me any fun Christmas songs that they knew in Spanish. But we are going to go sing in the park with the ward, and investigators.  Hopefully it turns out okay! :) They put us in charge of it. haha
So this week, we had exchanges, and I headed to Cerro Grande, in Tegucigalpa. Wow the city is seriously a different mission.  But I liked it a lot better than I thought.  We took a bus to almost everywhere we went, and everywhere we walked was literally straight uphill.  I felt like I lost all the weight I've gained here. haha sadly no, but I felt like it.  I was on exchanges with Hermana Domingo from Guatemala, she is awesome, and I learned a lot of ways to use more analogies with people to teach so they can better understand.  It was a lot colder there in the city.  It is starting to warm up here though in La Paz, it has been pretty hot lately. 
Also this week, super sad, the bishop of the other ward in our building who we love!, his wife passed away this week of cancer. :( She had it for 4 years though, and she was really sick this last year. :( Their family is our favorite, and it was so sad.  We went and helped a little bit with the funeral the next day.  Funerals here are definitely different that is for sure.  We love the C family. I still need to get a picture with all of them and send one.
G was also baptized this week! whooo!! haha She was a contact that we found one day looking for E.  She has 3 little kids, and her husband lives in the States.  But the day was a little crazy.  Hna McKrola and I were worried she was not going to show up until a lot later, so we took a taxi over there after we filled up the font, to go get her and her family.  We helped her clean up the house and clothes and we got everyone in the taxi (all 7 of us) and made it to the baptism only 15 minutes late.  That was definitely a miracle. We are super happy for G :)
We are teaching her sister-in-law who lives with her who is 14, and her daughter who is 10 who we set a date for 3 of January to be baptized.
Hermana McKrola and I this week also gave talks in Sacrament meeting on Jesus Christ and His Atonement.  I focused in on how Christ came here not only to atone for our sins, but also to show us the way back to Him.  I love President Thomas S. Monson's talk Ponder The Path of Thy Feet.  It is so true, Christ was the perfect example for us, and was put in many situations that we likely still have today.  I ended with talking about the invitation He extended to us at the end of conference and how there really is no better time than now where we celebrate His birth, to follow up on the invitation to be a better person than we were when we went to conference.  I know that especially as we think about Christ and His example, we should this week try to walk more as He walked and look for ways to help and serve others.
My ward mission leader, oh hermano G, he heard Hna McKrola and I were giving talks, and he asked me if I could give a talk in Spanish. haha :) He said he could understand me after I gave my talk though...oh good ole hno G. :)
Still can't believe it is Christmas time here, things are good, and time is just flying.  I will end with this and start sending more pictures.  Hope everyone is well! I am super grateful to be here, even though sometimes the days feel long.  But I know that this gospel is such a blessing in my life, and there is a reason why I am here. :)
Thanks for the letters Jas, Kristine, Ben and Ella! super cute, and loved the quotes! I almost used some of them in my talk, but I knew it would take me too long to translate into Spanish. haha
See you guys this week!  WHOOO!
Hermana Nichols

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