Monday, December 22, 2014

Life in La Paz

Hello fam! Things are good here in La Paz :) 
The mission is setting new goals here and upping all the metas for like lessons taught each day, finding new people, and contacting. Whoa, but its good to get us working harder.  This week was Stake Conference, and it was packed!  Unfortunately though G, and J both couldn't come.  Sunday mornings are always long and crazy.  J said that he was going to come to church, and he usually does, but a half hour before the bus was supposed to come to get us all to go to Comayagua for conference he still wasn't there, and we were really wishing he had a phone or we had walkie talkies with him. haha So we decided to take a taxi quick becuase he lives far, and bring him!  When we got to his house, he was washing his clothes because he said he didn't have any clean clothes to go to church, and literally all his shirts were wet.  We tried everything to get him to come with us.  We even called the elders to find him a shirt to bring from the members, etc, but in the end he didn't want to come because he was dirty, and would feel bad going like that.  I was so bummed, because this means we are going to have to push his bapstismal date to the 20th of Dec. ;( Mostly I just was sad that we didn't verify with him before to get all his clothes ready before etc, just because it is something we dont normally think about. Also G, oh man, she has a new job where she works at this wine factory every day because they have to pay off thousands of Limps for her house in Yarumela so they dont lose it.  Her baptismal date is for the 20th also.  Yikes, sometimes I tell Hermana McKrola, oh man is this how our parents feel with us...? stressed? haha but its all good :) 
Things are good here, and I want to help our investigators so bad, because we love them.  We also said goodbye to E this week. :( He left to go live with his uncle in Comayagua.  We were so sad to say goodbye, but we sat with him at Stake Conference! He had bought new pants and shoes too! aw E, we talked with the new misisonaries who will be in his new ward.. though we didn't get our investigators there to Conf, it was AWESOME to sit with E. :) 
Thanks for all the packages! I didn't open some of the ones that were wrapped for Christmas mom and dad. :) I did break open the ones from Kristine and Karen though... haha thanks so much for the gifts and treats! very much apreciated! The members here love chocolate from the states, so we will be sharing some of it with them who help us out! :) haha 

Thanks for all you guys do! 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols 

G and one of her kids J. :) she's so cute.

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