Tuesday, December 30, 2014


HEY FAM! :) 
That was so fun seeing you all this last week! Definitely the best Christmas present!! 
Well this week, was awesome celebrating our Savior's birth.  The people here were so nice, and a lot of the members gave Hermana McKrola and I a bunch of nacatamales.  Super nice of them.  During the 24th we made some cookies and brownies from our fam who sent us some mixes in the church and took some to the members and some to our investigadors and less actives.  People loved them! We stuck in a picture of us in front of the Christmas tree too with the cookies, and people liked the picture more than the cookies.  The people here are so giving, and are such an example to me of charity.  We also sang songs with our ward Monday night at the park, and it actually turned out a lot better than I thought!  I was surprised though that most of the ward didn't know a lot of the Christmas hymns, so we sang about half of the ones I printed off of from the Hymn book. haha But people liked it, and we had a small crowd there in the park.  Mostly just of the other members from our ward or the other ward, haha but its all good, the ward liked the activity. 
We are teaching right now sweet N, who we found while searching for one of our contacts a couple months ago.  That actually happens a lot.  There aren't addresses here, so when we go search for our contacts, we actually end up finding someone else who is positive and we teach them instead.  But she is reading the Book of Mormon, and is pretty interested. The only problem is that her husband is against her going to church. He always leaves when we come to meet with her too. We are so sad. :( But we are still teaching her, and hoping and praying that we can meet him later.  This week we also did an activity with the other Bishop who´s wife passed away, and his family.  We played that "what if" game with them with the papers where you mix up the answers... in Spanish it is "que pasa si..." they loved it! :) They look like they are doing so much better, but I just feel for them. :( 
This week was also interesting, Hermana McKrola and I met with some families that Hermana Garcia and I had actually been meeting with awhile back, but had dropped because they were not progressing or said that they didnt want to change religions.  These families are both so great, and I know that this gospel would bless them so much.  I dont think that they will get baptized soon, but I hope that they will with time, see and feel that this church is the church of Christ, and come to know of all the blessings we recieve of the restored gospel.  

Things are good in La Paz!  Christmas was weird without you guys this year, and the fact that it was so hot outside too, but it was good!  I wouldnt rather be anywhere else.  And though before the misison I thought that things would all go a little smoother and everyone was going to want to hear about the gospel.   And though I feel many times throughout the day disappointed in others, myself, or weary sometimes, I feel so happy at the same time.  I know that this gospel is the only true church on the earth in my heart, and am grateful for my Savior who loves and lives.  

Miss you guys! Changes are on the 6th of Jan, and it will be super rare if I will stay, but we will see!!  I would not mind staying in La Paz!  I love this area! 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols 

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