Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Days in La Paz

Well, though it is not for sure yet, it is almost for sure that I will be leaving La Paz.  I have been saying some goodbyes to members, investigators and our converts here in La Paz.  :( 
These last couple days the members have been super nice, giving us so much food lately!  Hermana McKrola and I do not want to think about food for the next couple days.  But this last week, we have found some positive investigators that we are excited to meet with soon! Even though we wrote last Monday, our pday was Wednesday because it was New Year's Eve, and Pres was worried about the missionaries being out on the streets. so we all had to enter our houses at like 6, which was kinda weird, but Hermana McKrola and I made that awesme caramel dip, thanks Kare, and I tried to write my scholarship essays Mom, while Hermana McKrola caught up on letters.  

Some highlights of the week: 
met with D (remember the one who didn't want to come to his confirmation, well one of them at least... haha) 
He is doing so much better, and I can totally see how this Gospel has brightened his life. We went with our mission leader, and D should be getting the priesthood soon! 
J is getting the priesthood soon.  He bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting and the Elders said it was awesome. (J lives in the other ward boundaries) He will probably be in the Elders Quorum pres. when they switch up the Presidency, the Elders said. :) Jose is inviting his friends to come with him to church now. :) He said that he is going to go to his friend's house to go get him since that is what we tried to do, even though he lives so far! haha
Not too much to report, the Elders had some baptisms this week.  One being a pastor for another church, which was pretty awesome! Hermana McKrola and I are coming to an end :( super sad to leave.  We will find out for sure though, if I go today. 
Love you guys! miss you all! 
Hermana Nichols! 

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