Monday, January 26, 2015

Getting to Know Talanga

Well, I feel like I am officially getting to know Talanga a little better.  I have one more week before our next exchanges. where Hermana C will leave the area this time, and I will stay here. So I'm going to need to pick up the pace and get to know it a little better this week. haha :) 
This week we had exchanges and we went to Juticalpa which is 2 and a half hours away from Talanga.  Yikes, and for half the time, we didn't have a seat on the bus. haha But oh man, I am just so grateful for the companions I have had here on the mission.  I got to leave with sweet Hermana H, who is new in the mission, and we went to work in Juticalpa. :) It made me remember my first few weeks in the mission, even though I still feel new. But I am beginning to see a new side of the mission, in having to work and help out in problems in companionships and so on. But nothing too too big. thank goodness :)
Traveling back and forth from exchanges definitely takes up our time here in Talanga unfortunately :( so a little bit slow this week in the work.  But Mondays here are always my favorite.  Not because it is Pday, haha but becuase we have family home evenings with 2 families that just recently got baptized with Hermana C before I came.  My favorite part of the mission is to meet with recent converts after they have been baptized and see the difference in them.  :) It is so awesome seeing these two families start putting the principles of the gospel in their homes.  Last Monday for our FHE, Hermana C was teaching the dad how to start FHE.  We asked him what song he wanted to sing for the opening hymn, and he said "Angels we have heard on high." I always like the Christmas songs, so that is what we sang :) haha Later after the lesson, we asked the wife what song she wanted to sing to close, and she said after searching through the hymn book, ummm I think "Angels we have heard on high." haha Hermana C and I just looked at each other for a little bit and I couldn't help but laugh, because she totally didn't remember that is what we sang for the opening hymn, and also that they really like those Christmas songs here. haha :) 
The other family that just got baptized with Hermana C is doing awesome, too.  The dad always wears a white shirt and tie for FHEs.  It is so cute. 
I feel in these last couple weeks I have learned so much, and wish I would've known what I know now back in my old area. :( But I feel these last couple weeks I have really come to better understand our role here in the mission and as a missionary.  We really are so blessed to represent the Savior, His Church, and our famlies in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.  I am so grateful for you all, :) and for your examples of people who live the gospel! 
Love you! 
Hermana Nichols 
PS they celebrate dia de mujer here (day of the women) and sweet Esteban, the ward secretary bought all the women in the ward a rose. :)  

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