Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Temple Trip & Exchanges

Hey hey family! 
How fast this week went, well, like all of them! This week we got to go to the temple! WHooo.. always my favorite, and the temple always looks so beautiful.  I also saw Hermana P and Hermana K who came with me from the CCM, I always love seeing them, so that was a treat, too. :)  My Spanish.. well is gettting there.  I guess I am understanding now when it says in my blessing, learning the language will be "relatively easy." haha I definitely can understand more than I can express, which still is frustrating at times.  This week, super sad that one of our baptisms,  L, who is 18 and who I thought was super prepared to get baptized, more than any of my other investigators, didn't pass her interview. She said she had a hard time believing there was a need for the Book of Mormon.  Super sad, because she leaves for Tegucigalpa to study at the U, and will only be back on the weekends.  We are still going to try and teach her, :( but will be more difficult now.  But Hermana C has taught me SO much lately.  Oh man, those shorter lessons are really helping. haha We have a lot of people preparing for baptism, even though that doesn't mean all of them will get baptized. She is teaching me how to work more efficiently.  This was the first Sunday on my mission where I didn't feel SO stressed in getting our investigators to come to church.  They came on their own! Wow, I am learning how to just do my part and let the investigators do their part.  Because I feel like previously I have been trying to do their part, too in accepting the gospel.
I like what Presidente told us in our meeting.  "No one can stay active in the gospel without reading the Book of Mormon regularly." and how there is a difference between being active in the gospel and active in the church.  We always leave something for our investigators to read in the BoM every time, and most of them are reading! :) Hermana C was sick this past week, and I read 15 chapters in the BoM. haha  I dont think I have read that much in one sitting, and I know there is such power that comes into our lives when we read and study the Book of Mormon. :) 

Exchanges with the sisters this week went well, and I feel like I am learning more from them than I could teach them.  
I am well here in Talanga, feeling a lot better than last week! Those bucket showers are great :) haha But I am doing well! 

Miss you all! Love you! 
Hermana Nichols 

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