Monday, December 22, 2014

Busy Week

Hey family!
Wow, what a crazy week this week!
I am writing a little bit late because we just got back from Tegucigalpa because I had to have the doctor clean out my ear.  He didn't even know what was in my ear, but yikes, I can hear SO much better now, and it doesn't hurt anymore! whoo.. super grateful.  Those cold showers are yikes well let's just say a big wakener in the morning, terrible. 
Love all the pictures! This week went super fast. Where do I start?  Well Monday we threw a big noche de hogar and invited our investigators and reciente conversos over to obispos house for a surprise bday party for the Elders since it is their birthday this month, that was fun! :) Unfortunately our investigators didn't end up coming, but we had the Elders' investigators there :) Also, I am just super grateful to be in La Paz, because Tegucigalpa is just a whole different side of Honduras, I wouldnt mind staying another change. :)
This week also was J's baptism!! Whoo!! He is super humble, and we are so happy for him! We were thinking we were going to have to change the date, but with permission from President, if they have gone to church 2 times they can get baptized if they pass their interview.  His baptism went well! He is in the other ward, because of where he lives, and the Elders told us that in their Ward Council they are going to work with J so he can get the priesthood as soon as possible and then be the new qurom de elderes president with the counselor being the Elders' new convert as well. haha :) The wards here are definitely struggling a little.
We also had our Mission Christmas party.  It was super nice! President Fortuna came out in the Santa suit at the end, we were dying, and Hermana Fortuna cooked this awesome meal for all of us!  We also watched Frozen haha but Hermana McKrola and I helped Hna Fortuna with prepping all the food instead. She is so cute.
Each zone did a talent together for the party.  Well it was only half the mission there, because they did 2 different groups.  But for our zone talent since Elder T is from New Zealand, well his ancestors are, he really grew up in Highland, but went to Cottonwood high school for football, we did the Haka for our talent., he doesnt know the Eldredges, I asked, but he said their name sounds familiar.  But we did the haka as a group and then sang Noche de Luz (silent night) haha I wish I could send the video, its pretty funny!  It was definitely the best one there.  Pres. loved it, and the missionaries too.
We are working with G right now for her baptism this next Saturday! :) Shoot, not much time left, but I go to close to Tegucigalpa for interchanges tomorrow! :) should be fun!
We also had our Ward Christmas party, and Hermana McKrola and I made 140 chocolate krispies for the dessert. People loved them! And we had Obispo go get the Santa suit from Pres. Fortuna to have Santa Claus come to the party.  The ward also loved that! One member said that was the first time St. Nicolaus came to their ward party.  aw.
And I wish I could send the video.  One elder dressed up in the suit, and comes dancing in with the candy, and the kids just MOB him! hahaha... I need to get the pictures from the other missionaries, it was classic.  One member said to me after that that was the reason St. Nicolas doesn't come to Honduras. haha :( oh man.
Little crazy pday today, but I miss you guys! love you all! See you soon!

Much love,
Hermana Nichols

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