Monday, September 15, 2014

Quince de Septiembre

Hey fam! Keeping it short to send more photos, but today is Quince de Septiembre! whooo.. its Central America´s 4th of July pretty much.. We are lucky to find a place that is open for us to write, because besides this place everywhere else is closed... lots of parades in the streets.. i love it! went to the temple this week! Love the Tegucigalpa temple! so beautiful!!! Also had a baptism this week!! Marlon Munoz is 14 years old, and is the best investigator. He had already been going to church because he had friends in the church, but we found out he wasnt baptized, and starting teaching him a month ago. He lives with his grandma, cousins, and uncle and aunt.. pretty typical here that people live with extended family more than primary family.. and they are Anti-Mormon, and dont like it when he goes to chruch... but he is so great! Marlon has a bright future ahead of him, and i'm so happy for him!!! 
Miss you all! 
Hermana Nichols

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