Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey fam!!  Hope you all are doing well! I miss you guys! I feel like its getting even hotter here, and it rains normally every day.. 
But things are good here! Not much new this week... Our recent converts are doing well! M and D just seem so much happier, and are continuing to progress! Just need to work on getting the priesthood with them, and working more with the members here.  Its hard trying work the social part of the mission in working with our investigators and members in broken Spanish, haha but I'm learning.  Also funny story about M´s baptism last week, I forgot to mention he was "dunked" baptized 6 times.  I have learned now the importance of practicing with your investigatros the dunk approach as I call it before being baptized.  Oh man, haha M didnt get the concept of bending your knees, and would go like halfway, but wouldnt make it to the water before he stood up... By the 4th time, every man at the bapstism, bishop, our ward mission leader was demonstrating in front of the font what to do, and demonstrating how to bend your kneees.. I will never forget our ward mission leader demonstrating baptizing one of our members in front of the font.... haha Hermana G and I were dying, while everyone was yelling "M, dobla sus rodillas!" haha which means bend your knees! aww poor M, haha afterwards he said the floor was slippery and that's why he couldn't... but he's doing well! and bought his new wardrobe for chuch on his own! aww We have high hopes for M! and D found a white shirt for church too, but its too big so we are working on getting it taken in. :)  This week I have learned more about the importance of our missionary purpose¨Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance and His Atonement, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." This is the purpose for all of us, because without these 4 principles in our lives we cannot be truly forgiven of our sins and be ready to live with Heavenly Father again... for members after baptism instead of baptism and Holy Ghost again, its partaking of the sacrament each week.  This plan is laid out simply for each of us and is all demonstrated in the Book of Mormon that even a child can understand what we need to do to return to our Father in Heaven, one apostle said in Preach my Gospel. I am so grateful for His gospel, and we are working right now with our new investigators in coming to church! oh man, time is short. Hope everyone is doing well!  I miss you! but am grateful to be here! 

Hermana Nichols 

Oh PS  I forgot to tell Elder Beck I knew Pres Gibson... :(

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