Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Week in Honduras

hola familia!!  i'm almost out of time, and I havent written anything! yikes.. but whoa.. there's a ton going on at home and with so many friends and fam!  I've made it to Houduras! And it's a different world out here! Also sorry this is all incorrect grammar but now I have to figure out how to use this computer... My companion Hermana Garcia is from El Salvador and is such a sweetheart! She is so patient with me! Love the mission, but sometimes its difficult when no on can understand me, and I feel like I'm speaking Spanish! But it's all good, I know it will come eventually, and I know I just need to continue working hard.  The people here are all so nice, and humble. I'm in a little town called La Paz in a ward called San Juan. Its such a cute town! And I feel totally safe.  So pretty much out here I feel like it's a combination of being on trek and girls camp. haha... We do have a shower in our apartment however!! yay... but its only cold water... haha so im learning to take even faster showers that at the CCM... oh man the CCM so spoiled us there... i miss the good food!  Our apartment is a lot nicer than the other houses here, so Im super grateful.  It's crazy, the difference in how people live.  Most people we have taught have dirt floors and usually the houses have like 2 rooms...  Ah I want to send pictures, but will have to do that next week, because I'm almost out of time... But yes! I saw Hermana Beard, and gave her the pb. haha she is super cute and we got a picture together, I will send it next week! So my favorite fashion statements right now are my backpack, and my keens! haha and i cant get enough of that benedryl ointment and off spray.. I think the spiders love my legs... ouch.  We have to wash our dishes and clothes in the pila which is a huge sink outside... but at least we have a shower... the elders here don't have one! For Pday we were able to hike this huge mountain here with our district, super awesome!  The food here is different... haha there is this cheese that is super salty and kinda reminds me of sour cream.. oh man I fear the cheese! But it's all good... I pray I get used to it... my comp is an angel, and eats some of it for me. Its different here, when the members feed the missionaries, only the missionaries eat, and the members dont eat with them... so Im able to sneak some of my cheese onto my comps plate... My comp and I have taught a lot of lessons, and I just wish I could speak Spanish! The people can't understand me, and I cant understand them. But I know the Lord is helping me, and I see Him helping me everyday. AH out of time.

I love you guys!! miss you lots

Hemana Nichols

pictures next week!

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