Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hermana Nichols in Honduras

Hey fam!! Im doing well! Adjusting to the new life... haha but I am really beginning to love the people here. They are all so nice! which is what I love about them all... Contacted family on the street for the first time! whooo.. and sure enough the husband spoke really good english! haha I was loving it... I was so thrown off, that I stared introducing ourselves as missionaries in english first and half way through in spanish... haha anyways we got their number and hopefully will be teaching them soon! whoo... thanks so much for all the emails! I miss you guys! Also thanks mom for making me bring the pb and the cookie mix... definitely super happy about that one! introduced my comp to the world of cookie mixes.. she loves it. haha we unfortunately dont have an oven... but we do have a microwave and a mug! yeahh yeah... haha still so yummy! love it! Theres no other place I would rather be! Here are some pictures of my district! and in front of our apartment.

love you all much! 

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