Thursday, July 10, 2014

Half Way at the CCM

Hola familia!! ahh not much time today, only half hour because we are going to the Big market for pday! So this week, I got tired of my long hair, and had a sister missionary cut off a couple inches!! well its like a long bob... haha i will send pics in 2 weeks! 
 Also we felt a little bit of the earthquake last night that hit border of Mexico and Guatemala... I felt the bed shaking at like 5 am but thought I was just dreaming... haha there's been like 2 really little ones here! Also super sad, we said goodbye to one of the Elders in my District last night. He went home because he started having anxiety attacks really bad here, and they just started when he got here.  He was such a good missionary, and was speaking really good Spanish. 
Loved hearing about everyone's 4th of July! loved all the pics!! :) We got hamburgers and a 4th of July cake too!! so good! It was like the cake we normally make with the blueberries and strawberries! :) I was missing home eating it.. haha  Our teachers here are great, and also pretty funny.  We've had a couple subs lately, and our last teacher told us he learned his english from MTV and BET tv. haha as opposed to our normal teacher who learned her english from listening to the BOM on tape in english :)
Mom, the hydrangeas here are bloomming!! everytime I see them I think of you! they are beautiful and my comps always say everytime they see
them from now on they will think of me and my mom because I always comment on them when we got outside! Well im out of time... but I love
the new scripture 1 Cor. 2:19. gotta go! love you all!!!

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