Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still in Talanga

Hey fam! 
So today I found out that I'm staying in Talanga! :) WHOO HOO! I thought I was for sure leaving, but surprise! haha I'm super excited Hermana G and I have another change together! So we will be on those long bus rides again this next change too! haha :) 

So this week Jose M got baptized and confirmed! :) He is 15 years old, and his mom got baptized last July.  Hermana G and I are strengthening the YMs group here. haha But we figured it is all good, becuase that is one of the areas this branch was lacking :) But our other converts, U, D, and A who are also in YM are all doing well :) and sometimes are the only ones along with J at the beginning of the YM activities here. haha (I know how that is) We are hoping J's dad will want to follow their example soon.  

This week was also a little sad because AN, who we had taught and who was super positive and was already living like all of the commandments and laws that we live, who had already gone to church with her aunt, told us last week that she didn't want us to teach her anymore :( She told us it was because that her mom, who lives in a different city is Evengelica and wants her to go to a church here that is Evengelica.  Oh man, we tried explaining to her about how she had already prayed about Jose Smith and she had gotten an answer,  She said that she had prayed and felt good, but that her mom didn't want her to come to our chruch.  :( Maybe it is for other reasons too, because she is 24 years old.  But we talked about how our decisions not only affect us here, but after this life as well. Hermana G said she has the opportunity right now to learn about this gospel here on earth.  Super sad, we went back 2 times to make sure that this is what she wanted, but in the end, I have learned that we can't make the choices for people.  :( 
As I was reading in JSH again this week about the first vision, it's like when Joseph Smith describes his day when there were so many churches and so much confusion.  Oh man, just walking down the street there are SO many churches proclaiming Halleluyah and singing and chanting, people are SO confused.  Contacting one family on the street I invited him and his family to listen to our message and was saying how this gospel has brought so much happiness in my life and I know that this could bring happiness in his life and with his family.  He got really offended and started asking me if I didn't think he was happy now, and how our church is the Church of Satan... and yikes. But we invited them to General Conference haha in the end, and later found out that he was the pastor of some church.  So there are others who are more prepared to recieve this message :) 

I know that Faith is the first principle of our gospel for a reason.  AN didn't progress like I thought she would, becuase she didn't choose to excercise her faith and do something!  I know that having Faith in Jesus Christ or not, really can make or break a person, and that I am grateful for all the examples in the scriptures who show us that after the trial of our faith comes our testimonies and blessings. 
I know that trials are the only way to test our faith, and for this it is so sad for us to see people who decide otherwise. 

Love and miss you all!! 
Hermana Nichols 

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