Monday, April 27, 2015

Feeling the Heat

Hey fam! 
Well this week in the mission, President wanted every companionship to strive to find 50 new investigators... whoo.... Hermana G and I worked hard to find those new investigators who are ready to be baptized :) We ended the week with 44.  Now the goal is to help and find those who can progress. 

This week K, who is the son of a less active got baptized! :)  Unfortunately, M who was also supposed to get baptized did not. :(  So keep M in your prayers to help her remember why she wanted to be baptized. 

Yesterday Hermana G and I had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators E and her husband.  We have taught them before, but the husband was not interested, and only believes in the Bible and didnt want to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and was super negative.  E however is the sister of one of the members and is super positive.  For her husband, she couldn’t come to church becuase he didn’t want her to.  But these past few weeks have been a little different :) She came to church last week with her daughters! :) We came to their house last night and even though it seemed like her husband did not want to listen again, we taught the Plan of Salvation with them.  We talked a lot about the Spirit World and how we do baptisms for the dead, and how Christ visited the spirits in Spirit Prison.  It was super interesting for them, and D her husband who knows a lot about the Bible was a little doubtful because he said that he had never heard that after we die people can have another chance to hear and accept the gospel.  But Hermana E told us about her dream she had: 
She said that she had dreamed that her brother who had died was waiting in front of a door and she was there sitting with him.  He told her that he waiting to enter, but that he stil had faith and patience that he would be able to enter.  He told her that she needed to keep doing good things so that she would not have to wait  like him.  Wow super interesting! Even though she said that her sister has already done the work for him and her family in the temple,  we told her and D that our decisions not only affect us here on earth but for generations! And that there are still famliy members waiting for them to do their work!  Well, we still are trying to work with the husband who is super hard, but keep E and D in your prayers that they will be able to feel the spirit testify of the importance of being baptized again in the true church of Jesus Christ.

Love you all! Super Hot here in Talanga.... haha Hope all is well! And super sad to her about Uncle Herb, :(  Tell everyone hi for me! 

Hermana Nichols 

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