Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Great Week

Buenas Dias to my favorite family! :) 
Well where to begin, this week was probably one of my favorites! 
This week we had our leader meeting conference with Presidente and the rest of the leaders of the mission.  OH man, I always love when Presidente speaks!  I forgot my notebook today :( But I will try to go over a little bit of what he shared with us as leaders.  I think this can apply to all of us in our callings  in the church. :) He talked about as leaders, sometimes it is more what we leave behind than what we actually do that is important.  At first it seemed a little odd when he said this, but as he explained... for us missionaries, he said we should always leave our areas better than when we found it.  We should leave TONS of investigators with baptismal dates when we leave the area. We should leave our companions, and sisters or elders that we served better off than when we first knew them.  How do we want people to remember us?  In every calling or position of leadership I know that this is an aweome opporotunity to leave people better off because of our example, and love for them. 

Another highlight this week was Hermana G and I got to visit our investigators who are getting baptized this next week with Hermana Fortuna! :) Oh man, I love Hermana Fortuna so much! So classy! :) She was so cute taking pictures of us with her iphone.  We took her to visit M and K.  And we felt bad because she wanted to bring us in her car, but where we were going there would be no where to leave her car in the mountains... :(  but she was great hking up all the rocky hills! And M and K loved her.   Presidente y Hermana Fortuna were here for our district conference, and Sunday in her talk she mentioned visiting K and M:) They loved it.  Well I probabaly was loving it more than they were.. their shoutout. :) haha 
But I love how Hermana Fortuna is so kind and so loving, and was so willing to walk with us in the crazy rocky mountains to go visit our investigadores in her black wedges :) 

I also loved President Fortuna's talk about how in our callings we learn to not only administer the people but minister unto them.  We learn how to SERVE them.  And that is how I kind of look at our work in the mission right now.  We get to minister to the people here in Honduares and go to where they live and SERVE them.  So sad, this week I felt so sad for the people we are working with because their life is difficult and where they live is in poor conditions.  I wished there was something more that we could do to help them, but I know that teaching them the gospel principles is how we can leave them better off for right now.  They are so humble here and so loving.  And so willing to give what they do have, and I am grateful for their example to me of how I can better give of what I have. 

Right now if you could keep in your prayers M and K, :) that they will continue to prepare for their baptism this Saturday! :) and also  that Hermano B will be able to come to church this Sunday, and also that this older couple that we found this week (A and M) will be able to come to church this Sunday.. because M has some sickness and he will need surgery in a month :( 

I miss you guys! :) But I know that time is short and just flies! 
Love you all so much! Keep the hermanas of T and C in your prayers for me too :) 

Hermana Nichols 

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