Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference Week

Happy late Easter fam :) 
Well conference weekend is a little bit different in the mission.  We could only go if we had investigators, so Hermana G and I invited everyone and anyone like crazy to the conference! Investigators, contacts, less actives, recent converts...  name it :) haha Hermana G and I thought we sounded like the Evangelicos inviting everyone to come to conference and hear the only true living prophet on earth today. :) But it is SO true! I have never been more excited in my life to hear the prophet and his apostles speak to us, because I have such a stronger testimony now of how they are called of God, to recieve inspiration for us!  Oh man, super sad that we were only able to go to the Saturday morningconference, a little bit of the Saturday afternoon because we got our friend who drives the mototaxis to come listen for a half hour, :) and Sunday in the morning.  But it is all good, I know we will get to read it in the Liahona later.  I hope you all had a great conference week and that if you had any questions that they were answered by our leaders! :) I definitely missed the cinamon rolls and egg caserole again this year mom :( Hermana G have 1 young women, and 1 little guy who is 10 who are getting baptized 18 of April :) so we did have to bring some cookies to help them stay interested. :)Out of all the people we invited and reminded about conference, we did have one who came to conference with us! :) B (so sad I didn't get a picture before he left conference) But as Hermana G and I were walking by his house and he was outside with his brother, we invited him to come to conference, and he said he would come.  Anyway, in the morning we reminded him about conference and as we went by his house, he was finishing getting ready to come.  He is an older man, and lives with his brother in this tiny little house, and was born with a limp, so he walks with a crutch.  Poor guy we had to walk a ways to get to the church with him, but he said he liked conference. He wasn't home Sunday, but tomorrow we are going to start teaching him.  :) So keep B in your prayers that he will feel the spirit. He is awesome.  I prayed that morning that our investigators would be able to go to conference that morning, or at least one, for all our efforts and hard work.  And I was so grateful for the help of Heavenly Father that one was able to go :) One soul's worth is great in the eyes of God. :) 

It is getting pretty hot here in Honduras,  and we are getting a nice tan. 
I loved President Eyring's scripture he shared with us in his talk.. In Matthew 25 (missionary scripture) inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.  As he related it to fast offerings and how we have the opprotunity to help others, it is such a blessing we have!  As our love for the Savior grows, I know that our love for our fellow brothers and sisters grows, too.  I am grateful for this time right now to help our fellow brothers and sisters know more about our Savior Jesus Christ and the church He established.  I liked what President Eyring said when we offer succor for someone, it is as we succored the Savior.  I'm so grateful for Christ and for the price He paid for us.  Though Hermana G and I remembered it was Easter during the conference, I will never forget the gift Christ has given us all individually to live again, becuase he broke the bands of death! Thought of you, mom as the choir sang He is Risen.  I know Christ lives, He rose, and we will too.  I have a stronger desire to do all I can to make sure not only will we live again, but if we do our part we can live with Him again.  

Love and miss you all! Have a great week! 
Hermana Nichols 

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