Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Closing Up Changes

BUENAS Fam! :) 


We got back late from the activity with Hermana F and the hermanas who are in the pueblo area of our mission.  It is always so sad that we can’t do the activity with all the hermanas together because there are so many.  A lot of the hermanas I came with and Hermana M and Hermana G are all in the city :( Hermana G has been in her other area this ENTIRE time after she left La Paz.  Wow super crazy! But the activity went well I’m pretty sure! Haha I think Hermana F will be putting the pics up on the blog.  Each zone did a talent, and with our hermanas we did the hukilau dance since Hermana N is from Hawaii.  They are 3 and a half hours away from Tegu. However, they got to the activity a little late, so we practiced all together like 10 minutes before we presented our dance... haha but it actually looks pretty good in the video I have :) 

Here are some pictures.  Hermana G and I put together some games, and some sweet paper leis haha :) She is so creative, I can tell she was a bomb teacher :) I’m taking good notes from her :) I saw Hermana C too at the activity and that is always fun! She is still a sister training leader just in a different area :) Also, the sisters from La Paz were there, so I got to ask them how the area is doing, I miss everyone there! :( But M is doing well! D, they want to go on a mission, haha, and J is still going to church but is sick right now. 


Also last night mom; with one of the members we made saltenas! Wow... a lot longer process than we thought, so our FHE got postponed...  

But we finished up this morning with her during breakfast hour. Haha But didn’t have time to taste them.  Hermana N told us they tasted good though! And yes I wrote down the recipe, but hopefully I can remember all of what we did. :) 


Aw, I am sad that this change is coming to a close this week, and I’m not sure if I leave, or if I stay. I hope I get to stay another change with Hermana G, but we will see next Monday. :) J, the 14 yr old boy we have been working with that is the son of the member we made the saltenas with is getting baptized this next Saturday! :) Whoo hoo :) 


A lot of traveling again for intercambios en juticalpa and campamento with the sisters :) They are doing well... for the most part :) I am definitely learning a lot from them, in how I can be a better missionary, and that is why I love intercambios. 


Also, President spoke this week in our activity about one of his experiences in how he followed the subtle prompting of the spirit that I thought was really awesome.  He told us how he went to visit one of the families the Elders were teaching.  They were waiting for this family to arrive who was out buying food for their store, and President had other visits in other cities that he had to make still.  He thought that he would just go and try to visit this family another time since they hadn’t arrived, but he felt like he should wait.  Finally the family arrived, and after they entered and the husband and wife during the opening prayer started crying.  After the prayer President asked them what happened and why they were crying? They said that it was because the husband had had a dream where a trigenio (black guy) :) was in their house teaching them, and knew that this man was Presidente they had been trying to figure out who it was.  They had been asking their family and friends if there were any black pastors who had been teaching them, and they had said no.  Presidente was super grateful he had decided to wait, and knew that it was because of the still, subtle feelings we feel from the Holy Ghost.  We can help God’s children here are earth.  It is so true, I am learning more and more what a gift it is to have the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  He told us that as we strive to be obedient and are diligent, and strive to listen to those small promptings we will be able to help so many people.  I know that it is true, and this week I am striving to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost more this week.  I challenge you guys too, to recognize when the Holy Ghost prompts you this week :) Let me know about your experiences, and I hope to have some as well! 


Much love!

Hermana Nichols 

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