Monday, March 2, 2015

Good Ole Talanga

We have been feeling the heat! whoo.... 
This week Hermana G and I had the opprotunity to baptize 2 brothers, U and D! They are so cute, and so smart. :) They are 11 and 13 years old, and U already told us he wants to serve a mission.  They are the nephews of one less active who is reactivating, and doing great!  A who is 12 who got baptized a couple weeks ago, already recieved the priesthood, and is doing great, passing the sacrament, and going on all the visits with the YM.  I love seeing converts after baptism who are so on the ball! 
Hermana G and I are working hard though now, to help new people progress for baptism.  The people here are so willing to listen, but it is hard getting the progress, and most importantly GO TO CHURCH! ughh... our investigators have trouble getting out of bed, and it is only at 9!!!!! I went to BOTH Sacrament meetings at BYU, one in Highland and the other at BYU, I want to tell them! 

But things are good here in Honduras, I love it here! Just not the bugs... haha 
Tomorrow is our big zone conference, and Hermana G and I have to speak... yikes a little nervous, but hey, thanks Mom for sending the email from Elder U way back.. haha because we are going to use the scripture en Alma 50 when Alma prepares the city for war, and compare it to how we need to prepare our lessons well for our investigators to help them overcome their challenges and help them prepare and get to their baptismal date. :) Hope it all goes well for us :) haha and pray they will understand me.  My accent still suffers. lol 

   Love and miss you all!!

   Hermana Nichols

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