Monday, March 9, 2015

Talanga Updates

Hey hey family! 
This week, normally like all the others has FLOWNNN! 
Started off with our Zone Conference Tuesday, and got to hear more from Presidente Fortuna! :) and Hermana G and I gave our presentation on how we can plan for our investigators using the story of how Cpt. Moroni fortified the city before war and prepared a plan to protect the city.  We used this to compare it to how we need to plan for our investigator's needs first, then what doctrine we need to teach according to their needs, then what commitments we are going to commit them to,  act and do, and then what blessings we are going to promise and testify of, along with a practice at the end.. haha We think it went well, and hopefully the missionaries got something out of it :) I have learned this week that really it is the doctrine that changes people.  President Fortuna talked to us about how he feels we sometime focus more on the applications of the gospel, when we should really focus on the doctrine, and not be afraid to tell people what commandments they are breaking. 

President Fortuna talked about different points that every missionary should know. But the one that we talked about most was about how there is always opposition in our lives.  ALWAYS.  But every problem and experience is necessary for our salvation.  We need to have challenges in our lives for our faith to grow.  But that instead of focusing on the problem, we should always focus on the solutions.  There are always solutions. Problems are nothing more than solutions in disguise.  There are no excuses. Continue finding, and trying solutions until you have success.  
or something like that from my translation :) haha 
But He said that every problem and challange is only an opprotunity to find solutions and be better.  
It is so true, through this gospel, and through Christ, there are always solutions for our mistakes or challenges in life.  I know that we always have help from our Heavenly Father in finding solutions to our questions and challenges.  And as misisonaries we can bring the answers and solutions people are searching for in their lives through the message of the gospel. 

We had exchanges with the sisters in Catacamas, which is 3 hours away.. oh man, but so beautiful... Busses and taxis are our life! haha 

We are working hard with our investigators and trying to help them progress! 

Love you and miss you!  So sad I only have 9 months left!  Yikes where has time gone?! 

Pictures of all of our sisters that we have changes with, with Sister Fortuna (Mission President's wife) and this is with the sisters in Catacamas. Sister N is from Hawaii and lives on Oahu, so yes mom, we talked about Oahu and the PCC a lot. haha :) 

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