Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello to Roble Oeste

HI FAM! :)
Well I have been transferred to......... ROBLE OESTE... which is the area
of the temple! SO SO beautiful to see it everyday! :) It is pretty much the
wealthiest area of the mission, so I feel like I have changed missions
almost.  I never knew HOW much I loved those pueblos and the people there,
until now. haha I feel like I'm in the States almost in my new area... not
exactly, but resembles it.  So I miss the pueblitos, and all the hilarious
things that go down in the pueblos and branches there. :) But well in our
house we live 4 sisters again... and I'm back living with Hermana G!!!
WHOO!! super fun :) Mom I think this week we are going to a place where
they met a chef who makes Saltenas.. I will take more pics and be thinking
of you :) But also I have had more hot showers this week than my entire
mission! :) haha Such a blessing, running water, we are super blessed in
this area.  Well but on the other side, people don't welcome us into their
house every second like in the pueblos.  So finding has been a little bit
more challenging, but we were able to have a little bit of success this
week in contacting a finding.
We have a lot of eternagators as they say... haha people who have been
investigating the church for a long time.  But we had such a great
experience last night.  There is a family that we are working with that the
missionaries have been visiting for over a year.  And before that they had
met with other missionaries less frequently.  But these last couple weeks
Hermana M started coming to church, and the last 3 weeks her husband L has
started coming.  All of their kids are older, and L looks like a little
rough around the edge kind of guy.  We finally were able to put an apt to
teach him and his wife together becuase he travels all week for his job.
Last night when we arrived, M who has told us she wants to get baptized,
and who the hermanas visit frecuently with was sick, so while she rested,
we visited with L her husband.  We started off asking him how he felt in
the church etc, and then the rest he just started talking and telling us
how he had been feeling sincerely.  Nothing like I thought who he would
be.  He told us that as he has been thinking this last week, and seen the
missionaries over time who his wife loves, and coming to church. He likes
the kind of people he sees in our church.  He said he likes service and the
type of genuine love he sees from the people of our church. (mormonas they
all say):)
He talked about when he decides to be mormon he knows that he needs to
commit.  What I was so touched by was that he told us in the end that he
wanted a church that unified his family.  He saw that this church has the
truth, and that all that time he thought he had been in the true church
until now.  He told us how he knew that there were thousands of people like
him who think they have the truth but don't.  It was so crazy to see
someone say this and realize where the truth lies through being in our
church, and in all the meetings, and watching the example of members and
missionaries.  He prayed in the last prayer for us that we would have
success in finding more people who will open their hearts to hear us and
accept our message.  Literally I was stunned from all that Hermana V had
told me about their family, that he was telling us how much he sees that
this gospel is true.  This was our first lesson with him.  But he accepted
to pray about what date he will be baptized and set a goal for end of
August with him.  He leaves to travel this week but is bringing the BoM
with him.  Super crazy.  And we are praying that these next weeks will be
when the F family will prepare for baptism and recieve their answer from
our Heavenaly Father.

I know the Lord prepares His children in His own time.  And that as
missionaries we must be patient and always trust in the timing of the Lord
in all things.

My new comp is awesome! I knew her in La Paz, and she is from Bakersfield!
Hermana V.  She is Mexican too.  Super fun, and we are loving it here in
Roble, even though we miss our pueblos...:)
Here are some pics too.  We started off in a trio this week because one
sister was waiting for a mini missionary to go with her to her area, I
guess there are an odd number of sisters.  So here are some pics of the
trio tambien for the first couple days this last week :) with Hermana C
from Ecuador.

Also in our house is where the sisters who are leaving the mish stay.  Said
goodbyes to Hermana G.  I love her, and was so sad to say goodbye. So fun
to be able communicate so MUCH better this time. :)  Also in changes saw
Hermana M. LOVE seeing her! :) She is doing So awesome!

Love you all!
Hermana Nichols

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