Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Farewell to Zambrano

HEY!!! :)
Well cannot believe that July has gone, and starting Aug.  But this week in Zambrano, my companion got a call from Pres Ferman, and will be training this next change! YAY! :) She has told me that she has been waiting for this! Super cool that I had the same feeling that she was going to train here earlier that week for some reason. 
Well, this means.... I'm probably leaving Zambrano tomorrow for another área. :( Super bummed... but well we are still waiting for our District Leader to call us and give us the for sure of who stays and who leaves, because for sure we have changes, but don't know who leaves.  Most likely I will be the one who leaves :( But super happy for Hermana H!  When Pres. called she wanted me to listen with her on the phone :) haha and one of the things he told her was that she was going to be a teacher, an instructor in all things.  And was going to teach by example.  He told her she would be a great teacher, and congratulated her and then told her to congratulate me for being a teacher and instructor for her.  I was so touched by his words.  This change has been one of my favorites.  Hermana H and I, I feel, have learned a lot from each other.  

This week also we have had some experiences where I know the Holy Spirit guided us.  Hermana H has been sick this week, but we were still able to leave the house a little bit. I have been worried about if I leave the area "how will I leave it?".  But I know He Heard our prayers.  After visiting one of our investiagators who wasn't home, we started walking and Hermana H said that there was an old investigator who the sisters before her were working with but could never find her, who lived where we were passing by.  We felt like we should pass by and see if we could find her this time.  F was in her house, and we were able to teach a small lesson with her.  She accepted to prepare for baptism once again with us! 
Later this week, Sunday mornings before church are always a little stressful trying to get investigators there, trying to get in contact with them etc... After feeling a little discouraged that the people we had visited that week weren't going to be able to come, or weren't answering phones, we were thinking if there was ANYONE else we could possibly invite or pass by.  We thought maybe we should pass by for M's mom and sister even though M (our recent convert) told us he wasn't going to be able to go to church this Sunday for a graduation.  Well we decided to go pass by his house and invite his Mom and sister.  When we got there, his Mom was at the neighbor's house, so we went looking for her there.  When we called her name, and she came out we invited her to accompany us to church.  She told us that her family was visiting today and wouldn't be able to make it, but that she had decided last night that she was leaving her boyfriend, who she had been living with for 9 years, and wanted to get baptized.  Whoa... She said that there had been problems and he hadn't been loyal, and she wanted to start over and be baptized.  Later that night when we visited M and J for an fhe with some of the other youth, we talked with her and she told us that she was ready to prepare for baptism!  She has recieved the missionaries over 20 years 3 different times in preparing for baptism, but never got baptized, but now that she is seperated from her boyfriend, could now complete the requisites to be baptized!  When she told M that she was going to prepare for baptism, we told him also now that he has the priesthood he could be the one to perform the ordinance! He was a little in shock. haha I know that we were guided to speak with M, his mom, because maybe it wasn't for the purpose that she was going to come with us to church that Sunday, but was for something bigger.  
Also that night we were able to put a baptismal date with one of the families we had visited before.  They didn't come to church, but accepted a date for baptism if they recieve their answer that this is the true Church.  I know that prayer and ayuno is powerful and that Heavenly Father always answers them when we do our part.  

I know that the Holy Spirit speaks to us and guides us.  I have learned that He grants us our wishes helps fulfill the desires of our hearts especially if they are for OTHER people.  Presidente Ferman told us in a letter last week that the Still small voice is a voice we FEEL more often than we hear.  I know that is SO true, and more and more I am grateful for the experiences where I better recognize and follow these promptings in better serving and blessing our brothers and sisters. :) 

Well I will let you know next Mondaywhere I am! Also super fun this week to see Hermana G and Hermana N from Talanga in the trainers meeting... our comps are training so I saw them! I am now racking up the áreas... haha 

Love you,
Hermana Nichols

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