Monday, August 31, 2015

Elder Nelson Come to Honduras

HELLO family!! :) 

Well this week has been so special and FILLED with some great conferences! To start off with our zone conference, later missionary conference with Elder Nelson with ALL of our mission and the Tegucigalpa mission, and then SUPER lucky because of which area I'm serving in, because he came to speak at our Stake Conference, and only ours.  There is so much I want to share, but I will have to narrow it down... 

Well to start off, when Elder Nelson entered the room, you can just feel his special presence and know that he is a true apostol of the Lord.  We got to shake his hand real quick at the beginning.  I remember the week before I left on my mission, I also got to shake his hand in California. :) The changes they are making in the mission are super inspired of the Lord.  We talked a lot about rescuing in our zone conference with Presidente Ferman, and Elder Nelson touched on a new insight in the mission as well.  Presidente Ferman wants us to  focus more right now on rescuing the less actives and helping recent converts get to the temple and stay active.  These have been more of the problems lately, and I can see that these changes are what the Lord wants right now.  Presidente Ferman's theme that I felt was while we focus on rescuing His children, we will find others who are ready for baptism as well. 
Elder Nelson told us at the end of his talk that he wasn't asking for baptisms or converts but for us to TAKE his children to the temple. WOW.. the focus is changing. 
He gave us 10 topics to study in the guide for the scriptures the spanish scriptures have in the back to study.. its kind of like the bible dictionary about the temple.  He told us if we mastered these little paragraphs he gave us about the temple we will be able to help others go.  SO awesome.  Presidente Ferman this last week in my email reminded me that WE are the closest to the temple in our mission, and need to get more people going! wow... so much work to do. 
This is what I loved from Elder Nelson's talk: 
that We are the hope of wives praying for their husbands and youth praying for their parents!  I will try to be brief, but he shared with us of a visitation he told us he had of 2 young girls who had passed away 50 years ago who he had operated on.  He said he knew them and remembered their names.  They came to him and told him they were sad because they were not sealed to anyone.  Wow... 
He said he then later had someone look up their names and find their families to visit them.  He found that only their father and their brother were alive.  And he got their address and went to visit them.  The father was 88 years old, and had been inactive for years.  Elder Nelson told the father of his experience and asked him if he would prepare to enter the temple and be sealed to his children.  His father said yes, and is reactivating in the church to be able to be sealed to his children.  such a cool experience.  
Elder Nelson said that the temple is SUCH a blessing to us.  That WHY wait to have the blessings when we can have them NOW. 
We are the hope of the people on the other side of the veil for sealing ordinances he told us.  
Our focus as missionaries is changing.  Baptism is not just what we do and invite people to do, but we invite them to baptism with the focus that they will after, be able to work to enter into the Holy House of the Lord.  I love it.  I know that not just missionaries are the hope of the people on the other side of the veil, but that ALL of us here on earth have a job to do to help others on the other side as well. 

Elder Nelson had SO many great things to say in his conferences we were able to go to.  In stake conference he ended bearing his testimony in Spanish, and wow really it was the gift of tongues because his Spanish was perfect and I couldn't tell if he was speaking in English or Spanish in my mind... haha :) 
When we were leaving the room, I felt this feeling of sadness in my heart, because I felt this spirit with him leaving as well.  It is so prominent, and I thought this is how the Nephites must have felt when Christ didn't return. Such a testimony to me that he is a true apostol of the Lord Jesus Christ.  
We had a lot of our investigators able to go to the Stake Conference with him, and are exited about verifying with them this week! 

Well there are just a lot more I would love to share, but also since we were with the whole mission, I of course saw all of the sisters :) so I want to send more pictures from the week. 

Lots of work to do, and so little time.  I love Roble Oeste. 

Love you!!!
Hermana Nichols 

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