Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessings in Roble

Hello fam! :) 
Well it is a lot hotter here than it was in Zambrano... haha we are feeling the heat, but I imagine all of you are feeling it worse right now. 
Well the time here in the mission just keeps getting better, and shorter sadly.  I just more and more realize how IMPORTANT missionary work is for everyone who is a member of the Church. 
Hermana V is awesome, she has 9 months in the mission but has taught me so much.  We really have been focusing on finding and teaching according to our investigators needs.  That is what they teach you from the beginning in the CCM... but I have felt this change we really are doing it.  We have felt the spirit SO strongly in some of our lessons because I really do know that what we taught them and felt strongly impressed to tell them was from the Spirit.  
One of our investigators B, who is 17 and works for the Family F and lives with them said in her prayer that she was grateful for the sisters who teach her and asked if Heavenly Father could help her put the things she is learning in practice.  Sometimes when we teach her, she doesn't answer us right away, or at all 
when we ask her questions or try to get feedback... sometimes I wonder if she understands us or what we are teaching.  We have figured out ways to teach simply, but by the way she looks at us when we are teaching, and the prayers she says afterwards we know that the Spirit is helping testify to her of the truth. 

We have started teaching with M's daughter too... who is named M who is 20. :) They love to keep the names in the family. 
And she at first did NOT want to listen to us she told her mom.  But as we started to teach with her, we really felt like we should teach and talk about Our divine potential as Children of God.  It was super powerful our lesson as we felt the spirit so strongly.  We talked about Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from last conference LIve the gospel joyfully.  We talked about with how as daughters of God, Heavenly Father loves us already as we are, and how he loves even though we have imperfections.  But as daughters of a Heavenly King we have to live a higher law and be obedient to return home to Him.  In our other lesson we watched with her my FAVORITE Mormon message video Earthly Father Heavenly Father.  I love how this video helps us understand better our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  She said afterwards she loved the video, and that we cleared up a lot of doubts she had had.  She had gone to her pastor that week to talk to him about some of her study plans for the year in her univeristy.  She had wanted her pastor to look them over and ask God if that's what she should do.  Her pastor told her she was sick and should come back another day.  She left sad she told us.  But she now understood that SHE could ask Heavenly Father directly about her questions and doubts.  Many people do not understand our divine reationship we can have with our Heavenly Father.  That to have a relationship with Him we also have to put in our time by reading the scriptures, praying and LISTENING to him.  I know that the relationship we have with Heavenly Father is the most important one we can have.  And our actions will reflect how our relationship with Him really is. 

M is so sweet!  We are praying that her husband can get back from his work this next Friday in time to go to the marriage discussion from Elder NELSON! YAY! Elder Nelson is coming this next Friday-Sunday!!!! SOOOO EXCITED! missionaries from alll our mission AND Tegucigalpa are meeting with him Satuday.  Do not know how we are ALL going to fit.  But we are praying that he will get back in time to go together. 

We fasted with our other investigator N who is in the hot chocolate pics... haha and SHE CAME TO CHURCH for the first time this Sunday. :) She has been visiting with the sisters for 6 months, but because her husband doesn't approve of her going hasn't gone.  But well we fasted with her and with C the member who has been helping us with her, that her husband's heart would be softened and would go with her to church.  He didn't come, but she finally decided that she would.  We hope she liked it.  We stayed in Primary with her little girl to help her, and P (her daughter) liked the Book of Mormon story song that they sang. :)  

The Lord is so blessing us here in Roble.  Some afternoons seem long because this week not a lot of people were in their house, or didn't want to open their doors, but the many spiritual moments that we have had this week make up for all the rest. :) wish I had more time to type about everything.  But I love and miss you all :) and hope everything is well.  Hope the move went well Kare and Kev! 

Hermana Nichols

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