Monday, July 13, 2015

Meeting Presidente Ferman and Family

Hey, well this week we met with Presidente Ferman and his family.  They are
great!  And their kids are all older, but their youngest who is 17 is with
them.  She is super cute, and applying to BYU.  We got to meet him in a
reunion this week, and later had interviews with him.  It was super awesome
to get to know him a little bit in interviews, and I could feel the spirit
SO strong with him.  A little weird without the Fortunas, I miss them, but
the Fermans also are really great.
He talked a lot about the Retention of converts.  I think that will be one
of our big focuses which is really good, because I feel like that is what
we lack a little bit of.

Also this week we had a baptism! WHOO HOO! M who is 20 got baptized this
Saturday.  He is super awesome, and was super prepared.  He got his answer
from Heavenly Father that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the Book
of Mormon is true pretty fast, but we are now teaching with his friend who
is going to get baptized this month, too.  Super awesome, I know the Lord
is preparing hearts here. I was wondering how was it that M was so prepared
to accept the gospel, but later he told us that a year ago he had gone to
church and had met with the missionaries before.  That definitely made more
sense.  I know that the Lord prepares his children in his own due time, and
that none of our efforts in sharing the gospel is wasted.  I know that over
time he was prepared to now accept the gospel in his life.  We had an
awesome lesson with him and his friend and his family Sunday with some of
the youth who helped us give parts of the lesson.  The spirit was strong
and the youth shared with these 2 other young men how faith, repentance,
and enduring to the end has helped shape their lives.

Miss you all!! Zambrano is great!

Hermana Nichols

in this first pic I'm with Hermana Ferman and their daughter B :)
Presidente Ferman is on the ground with the elders... haha cracking me up.

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