Sunday, June 21, 2015

Donut Land

Hello FAM!

Well I have learned that the Hondurans LOVE donuts! haha Me too... but they
are definitely a hit.  So a big shoutout to the B family who are a young
couple, and the wife reminds me of you, Karen and Kristine. Super
hilarious! They bought at Price mart 10 boxes of donuts for us to sell for
the R family, so they could raise money to take out their marriage papers.
It's a weird process here, no wonder there are TONS here who aren't
married! But well it was a hit! We sold a box, the elders all sold a box,
and their family sold the rest.  It should be enough to take out all their
papers.  YAY! I was super nervous how we were going to get everything done,
and sell them, becuase we had a reunion we needed to go to while they
needed to sell the donuts, but everything worked out great :)

This week has been a little different and a little less crazy without a
cell phone. haha Our cell phone got stolen on the bus out of my companion's
backpack :(  She was coming back from interchanges on the bus with another
Hermana, and the man behind her stole our phone and her money... but we
didn't realize until they got to the house.  So we still are waiting for
our phone... haha But we were just happy that was all that happened.

It has been RAINING like crazy here lately! Almost every day.  My
scriptures got soaked! So I have broken out the blowdryer these last few
days to dry them out. haha

Time is flying this change as always.  We are still working with R and N
who are doing great.  N is still in D (other place) getting his papers
because that is where he was born.  But because of the rain, he hasn't been
able to come back because busses aren't passing right now.  But we pray
that he will be able to come back soon. Keep them in your prayers as it
gets closer to their baptism that everything will go smoothly.  Plans are
that they get married the 26th, and baptized the 27th! :)

Miss you all! And can't believe I hit the YEAR mark... whoa! Seems like
just yesterday Mom and and Dad, you guys dropped me off!
Hermana Nichols

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